Andreas Kreuzer Talks Teaming Up & New Partnership with David Will

Andreas Kreuzer (left) and David Will coursewalk during the Global Champions League 2016.

Germany’s long-time comrades Andreas Kreuzer and David Will, are teaming up once again, and this time they’re starting their own business together. The two successful show jumpers have made their own names as they’ve moved up in the sport; 28-year-old Will’s winning partnership with the recently-retired Mic Mac Du Tillard elevated his name around the world, and 26-year-old Kreuzer’s had several breakout moments during his young career.

Kreuzer will now take the reins of running the business aspect as Will focuses on the competition side. We caught up with Kreuzer to learn more about the business, his partnership with David Will and what they hope to achieve in the next year.

Noelle Floyd: What it is about David Will as a rider and a professional that makes him a good person to partner up with in business?
Andreas Kreuzer:
For me, it was really important to find someone who is really into the sport and was a real horseman, David grew up in the sport with horses and he has the same passion as me. Besides what he does in the ring, his knowledge was the most important thing for me, about the horses; about the passion and his philosophy, which I think, is one of the most important factors. Plus, he is one of the best riders right now.

Andreas Kreuzer

NF: Where will you be based?
That’s not sure yet, it’s now about planning and exploring our options, taking everything into consideration which will take some time. For us it was more important to have our concept firm and know what we want to do, now we are focusing on finding the best place to base ourselves.

NF: Can you tell us about the business itself?
I will also still be competing but my priority will be a little bit more on the business side whereas David will prioritize the show jumping side of things and being successful on the shows, so that is our goal to work on, and perform on the biggest level in business and the shows.

NF: What do you hope to achieve with the company?
Our obvious aim is to achieve more together than just one of us alone could, so from my point of view, I was alone for two years and I just figured that if I want to ride on that level, do business, train and find new horses it’s just impossible to do everything 100% so I was always looking for a rider to work with who is good enough to ride at the top of the sport.

NF: You are both part of the Global Champions League on the Cascais Charms team, what has that experience been like?
We were for the first time together on the team in Hamburg, and before we were never teaming up but actually already last year there were a lot of chances to actually figure out how we work as a team together in such pressure situations. We could feel if we were on the same level and picking out the same things. It’s really fun and special. For me, I have to say that the League gave me a lot of opportunities last year, which I wouldn’t have had otherwise, it was the best thing for me to do and try to be part of such a team and compete at these venues every week.

David Will winning at Aachen 2015.

For sure the level is completely different this year, with better pairings and venues. From my perspective it gives me new motivation every week to keep going and try to get on the same level as the top riders who are there every week. It’s a really good concept which pushes me and I have admit the horses I have right now give me the opportunity to do it. I’m really happy to be part of the team.

NF: Apart from the business, what are your goals this year?
When I was younger I had really concrete goals of what I wanted to achieve but now that I’m on my own it has changed. My goal at the moment is to be on the German team for Nations Cups and who knows, someday be part of a championship team.

When you do this sport it’s always a goal to ride for your nation in a championship. I’m always aware that this is only possible if I have the right horse at the right time and the perfect team behind me to support it. For sure, I will try everything to make it possible for me, but at the end of the day it’s not all up to me. The dream is to be part of a German championship team one day, with luck.

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