Behind the Scenes in St. Tropez, France at the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show

If you’ve been following the action from the bright white arena of the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show CSI5* in St. Tropez, France, from June 1 – 3, 2017 you know that there is no lack of glamour at this uber-exclusive venue. For some of the world’s best horses and riders, this competition is worth the travel to the South of France—with a holiday atmosphere and a friendly show schedule with the beach just steps away, well, what more can one ask for?

Outside of the VIP, which we toured on day 1 of this three-day competition, the grooms and riders appreciate a stabling area that is entirely shaded by tall pines, and while it’s partially adjacent to the road, it maintains a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for the horses. Take a look around as we go behind the scenes in St. Tropez:

The main entrance promises a spectacular setting ahead.
. . . there’s also a spectacular setting just behind the main entrance, about 50 yards to be exact, is the beach.
Bringing the beach to the show, lounging in the ringside cabana is perfectly acceptable.
Athina Onassis herself is always out and about at her show.
On the way back to the warmup, there’s no lack of organization in everything down to coordinating jump poles.
The line is long for lunchtime at the grooms’ restaurant.

And now for the walk back to the stabling, where no one is ever in danger of getting a sunburn under all those trees:


Organization goals found everywhere among the stabling for top CSI5* and 1* riders (this was a 1* set up, bravo!)
Every single horse has its own customized stall card, provided by the show. It’s nice enough to want to take home!

See if you can recognize any of these famous faces lounging in their stalls. Hint: they include Thursday’s winner of the €92,000 Prix Premiumares CSI5*, and Friday’s winner of the €92,000 Prix Julius Baer CSI5*.


See you later!

The €300,000 Longines Grand Prix CSI5* begins at 4:10pm local time, 10:10am EST. Check out the start list here, and tune in to watch the free livestreaming of the class at this link.

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