Eve Jobs on Turning a Corner, the Macken Effect & Victory at Thunderbird

In little more than half a year, Eve Jobs has gone from a promising up and comer to an established grand prix winner. The 19-year-old rider and incoming college freshman has been riding horses since she was a small child growing up in Palo Alto, California.

But it was while she spent her spring and summer training with Ireland’s Eddie Macken in the United States and in Europe that Jobs turned a corner, picking up her first three FEI wins in steady succession: May—the $100,000 Split Rock Grand Prix CSI3* at Lexington, KYJune—a big CSI4* at Bolesworth, United Kingdom, and this past weekend, the $100,000 Reliable Rentals Grand Prix CSI3* at Thunderbird Showpark in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. We caught up with Jobs to recap her summer, learn how Macken has made the difference in her riding, and find out about her most recent victory with a brand new mount.

Noelle Floyd: What brought you to Thunderbird to compete?
Eve Jobs:
I train with Eddie Macken and he lives about 5 mins away from the show. He was raving about Thunderbird and I’ve only heard great things about the show, so we were very excited. It fit into our schedule nicely so we decided to go.

NF: How has Eddie Macken helped you progress through the levels in the sport?
He’s been a huge part of helping me jump the bigger courses, and he gives me a lot of confidence and really helps me [progress] with my horses. I also have a great string of horses right now so I’m very lucky.

NF: What is the most valuable piece of knowledge Eddie has passed down to you?
 That you’re going to make mistakes and that’s okay. You’ll learn from them and you get better. He’s really helped build my confidence and he’s been an incredible teacher and such a wonderful person.

Eve Jobs & Venue D’Fees Des Hazalles. Ph: MOI Photography

NF: How will life as a college student at the University of California, Los Angeles make you more selective in choosing the shows you go to?
EJ: I think it’s going to be a bit hard. I start school at UCLA in late September, so my show schedule will definitely be a little bit lighter in the fall, especially since it’s my first quarter at UCLA. My school is on a quarterly system which is really nice. I believe I’ll do the winter courses online so that I can stay in Florida for WEF,  and I won’t have to commute back and forth from California. Other than that, I think that I’m just going to pick the shows that I think best suit my horses and are the most important to me.

NF: What type of horse best suits your style of riding?
I like the blood horses who are a bit hot. I don’t like a big horse so I prefer a horse with a smaller frame.

NF: How many horses do you currently have in your string?
I currently have four.

NF: How was the experience of showing at Thunderbird?
 It was the first week that I’ve ever done at Thunderbird. I got there on Tuesday morning and it was lovely. We had beautiful weather for the entire week, and the facility is amazing. It was very relaxed, and everyone was so kind. I thought the field was incredible, and the grounds stayed in great condition for the entire week. The warm up ring was huge, which was really nice for the horses. I thought everyone there managed the show so well and we felt very welcomed coming for the first time. I’m looking forward to going back and I’m hoping to be back next year. We had a great week.

NF: How do you feel about your win with your new horse, Venue D’Fees Des Hazalles?
I didn’t expect to win and we got a little lucky that people were having rails in the jump off. I was so happy with her and she has been going so well, so Thunderbird was a great place to continue building our relationship.

We just got her recently from Fabienne Daigneux, who produced her all her life. Fabienne deserves so much credit for riding and producing Venue, and now I’m really excited to continue building a relationship with her, and to hopefully jump some bigger courses. Venue is a phenomenal horse.

NF: Were you in the market for a grand prix horse when you found her?
You’re always looking and you’re always waiting for something special, and she’s an incredibly special horse and I think we got very lucky.

NF: Since you’re not doing the World Cup Qualifier at Thunderbird this week, when will be your next competition?
I’m going on a family vacation so I won’t be doing the WCQ unfortunately. I’m going to do the CSI4* at the American Gold Cup in three weeks, so that will be my next show. I think I’m going to take Venue, Tiny Toon, and Charleville.

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