Georgina Bloomberg and Ramiro Quintana welcome Christmas baby…

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This Christmas will be extra special for both Georgina Bloomberg and Argentina’s Ramiro Quintana. The two US-based riders welcomed their first child, a son, from New York city this week. Born on Dec 24th, their new son will be named Jasper Michael Brown Quintana.

Just in time for a wonderful family Christmas celebration, Ramiro and Georgina welcomed young Jasper into the world surrounded by friends and family. The long-time couple honored a few notable family members with their first son’s name.

The pair honored both of Georgina’s parents in naming young Jasper. Michael is in honor of Georgina’s father, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Brown may be in honor of Georgina’s mother Susan Brown‘s name.

“I’m thrilled and just so proud of Georgina,” Mayor Bloomberg told the NY Daily News. “[Georgina and Ramiro] are going to make really wonderful parents, and what an incredible way to start the new year.”

We would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to both Georgina and Ramiro for such exciting news. A wonderful Christmas surprise!

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