Horse of the Week: Creedance


The horse that Kent Farrington likened to “a Jack Russell Terrier” when they picked up their first FEI back in March, win leapt into a major international spotlight over the weekend in Great Britain.

Creedance, a 9-year-old, Dutch Warmblood gelding (Lord Z x Notaris) doesn’t have his passport stamped quite as much as Farrington’s other horses – at least not yet. The speedy chestnut gelding, campaigned as a six year old by Petronella Andersson of Sweden, was purchased from Stephex Stables in Belgium in 2014, in a partnership between Farrington and his sponsor, RCG Farms. That’s the same RCG Farms that owns the amazing Uceko, one of Farrington’s most successful, and undoubtedly fastest, horses in his string.

Farrington campaigned Creedance in a few 2015, two and three star shows, making his four star debut last year in Del Mar, California with a top five finish. He continued to fly under the radar until the most recent winter season, where he earned that first FEI win at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. The pair won WEF Week 10’s $35,000 Suncast 1.50m Championship Jumper Classic, a CSI3* rated class with heavy competition in the lineup.

He reminds me of an old horse I had called Up Chiqui, who was an exceptional horse,” Farrington said after that Sunday, March 20th win. “I think this horse has a lot of similar characteristics, and if I can teach him to harness his energy, I think he could be something special.”

For the record, Up Chiqui was a horse that helped to decisively shape Farrington’s career; between 2008 and 2012 they racked up more than a dozen FEI wins and earned what still stands as Farrington’s best finish at a World Cup Finals, 13th place in 2008.

So if Farrington is comparing this fairly green chestnut gelding to that formatively talented chestnut gelding –both of them sport bold white blazes, by the way– you know that he believes he has another truly special horse on his hands.

Farrington and Creedance jumped their first five star competition at Miami Beach in April.
Farrington and Creedance jumped their first five star competition at Miami Beach in April.

And it was this past Sunday at the Royal Windsor Horse Show CSI4* in the United Kingdom that Creedance became known on the world stage, with clear rounds that translated to back to back wins in the week’s biggest international show jumping classes.

Back to being like a Jack Russell: quick, eager, and did we mention quick? Creedance was unbeatable in the Grand Prix for the Kingdom of Bahrain Trophy, topping British legend John Whitaker’s Argento in the jumpoff. That win came less than 24 hours after Creedance and Farrington won the Kingdom of Bahrain Stakes for The King’s Cup, powering through another quick jumpoff to claim an oversize gold trophy presented by the Queen of England herself.

So yes, Creedance is special, and while Farrington has kept him largely under wraps for the last year, it’s safe to say that the secret is out now, and the hot chestnut will soon be moving to the barn aisle where the top-flight horses at Farrington’s stable all reside alongside each other.

While the FEI world ranked No. 6 rider prepares for his shot at the Rio Olympics later this summer with his choice of his more experienced horses, the world should take note that if horses of Creedance’s caliber are waiting in the wings, Farrington’s reign over the top of the sport is sure to continue for many years to come.

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