In Review: The Liverpool International Horse Show


Nina Barbour unveiled a perfect indoor counterpart to her enormously successful Bolesworth International with the Liverpool International Horse Show (January 1st – 3rd), which gave show jumping fans a new destination on the first weekend of the new year.

Organizer Barbour, who works as Managing Director of the Bolesworth Estate and President of the Bolesworth International, a CSI4* held in North West England in early summer, led the charge with a talented organizing team to add another top-flight standalone event to their resume.

Located just 45 minutes from Bolesworth Estate at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, the LIHS CSI4* was an equestrian event, yes, but with many levels of added performance quality that created a standout atmosphere for riders and spectators alike.

“With the Liverpool International Horse Show 2015 Nina Barbour and her team have delivered another world class equestrian event, further cementing the Uk’s well deserved reputation as leaders within the global equestrian community,” commented Tamara Czartoryski. “Despite being in its first year the show delivered not only high octane, top-flight showjumping but also an entertaining and theatrical family day out.  Having been involved from the start to the final day it was thrilling to see it all come together and receive such a fantastic response.”

The prizegiving alone could only be described as “high octane”, with fireworks and gold streamers that showered above and over the shoulders of the top finishers.

Competitor Yazmin Pinchen of Great Britain. weighed in with her impressions after experiencing LIHS for the first time. Read on:

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to compete at The Liverpool International 4* horse show last weekend. We all arrived on New Years Eve as the show was hosting a party to celebrate the countdown to 2016. It was a very glamorous black and gold themed party with a live band and dancers.

The show started on the 1st January in the evening for the 4* riders. The hotel was 100 yards from the arena which was great. As I walked in I was speechless. It was out of this world. Nina Barbour and her team had pulled out all the stops and thought of every detail possible. I spoke to several riders and they all mentioned the same, at other shows if any of us are in the prize giving its an amazing moment for us riders yet most spectators leave before it! But Nina put on such a display for the ceremony that it wasn’t possible for people to leave, we had fireworks going off and gold streamers exploding everywhere!!

There were plenty of shops for people to walk around in the intervals, a Bistro restaurant and a champagne bar open to the public. Nina had displays from the French Horseman team which is always entertaining, a French lady doing incredible movements with a stunning horse without a bridle and the Shetland Grand National.

The turnout was out incredible, it was almost full and the arena was huge, I don’t know exactly how many people it held but i think it was about five thousand each sitting.   Corinne Bracken who was commentating on the live streaming was telling me at leat 65,000 people had logged on to the live feed from all over the world and that was even before the Grand Prix on Sunday night which is great.

What Nina Barbour and her team did that weekend was unforgettable and extremely appreciated by all us riders. Shows like this is what our sport needs especially in England, we need to bring in more spectators and get more interest in our industry and Nina definitely achieved that last weekend. I cannot wait for next year, I hope I will be invited again.”

-All photos courtesy Liverpool International.

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