Introducing Our New Look: A Letter from Noelle Floyd

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If you’re a longtime fan of, you’ve no doubt noticed that the cover of our latest issue of NOELLE FLOYD Magazine looks quite different than the others—and you’re right! The reason for that is a simple and important one: I am looking to bridge a gap that I see in our sport.

In 2012, my inspiration for creating NOELLE was to bring show jumping’s international community closer together. I wanted to bridge the gap between North America and Europe, and I think we’ve succeeded in that goal.

Following in those footsteps, the inspiration behind, which I launched last summer just before the Olympic Games, was to bring the international community of horse sport even further, not just across oceans, but across disciplines. I believe this unity is both powerful and possible. Equestrians have the opportunity to connect in a greater way than ever before, to learn from and support one another.

The Winter 2017 issue of NOELLE FLOYD Magazine made its debut at the Palm Beach Masters. Ph. ©Meghan Basco

In the short time that NF Style has been online, we have seen a tremendous level of support from the greater equestrian community for our vision. We are seeing that the world of horse sport wants to connect with one another, and I believe NF Style is the platform that can help us do it.

So when we chose to put the transcendent dressage horse Valegro on the cover of the most recent issue of NOELLE FLOYD Magazine, it was with that connection in mind. Valegro is a horse who bridged the gap between dressage and horse sport. It goes without saying that he is beloved by the world, and as he closed out his unprecedented competition career, it was not only timely, but fitting to spotlight that transcendence.

Whether you love show jumping or you love horse sport at large, I want you to feel you have a magazine that speaks to you.

In a similar way, I want NF Style to focus on what connects us as equestrians rather than what separates us. Our passion and love for the horse is what brings millions of riders and enthusiasts together from around the world. I believe that, like Valegro, we can bring the world of equestrians together in a way that has never been done before. Our team works with tireless passion to bring you the best of the horse world, and while show jumping will always be our base, we are looking forward to forging new connections across every discipline.

Whether you love show jumping or you love horse sport at large, I want you to feel you have a magazine that speaks to you. And we’re working hard every day to make sure that magazine is NOELLE FLOYD.

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