Nina Fagerstrom moves to Canada with American debut planned in Florida…

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead and Nina Fagerstrom & Mouse winning in Paris for the annual Saut Hermes event
Eric Lamaze & Hickstead and Nina Fagerstrom & Mouse winning in Paris for the annual Saut Hermes event ph.

Finland’s Nina Fagerstrom is moving her international business to Canada. The successful Northern European rider who rode for Stephex Stables for a number of years, is leaving the confines of Europe to venture across the Atlantic and base her business in Canada. Nina earned international acclaim after joining Stephan Conter’s stables in Belgium in 2001. The charming Finnish rider worked her way through the ranks at the international trading stable, working with Stephan Conter and his team for well over six years.

Nina became the highest ranked Finnish rider during her time with Stephex Stables
Nina became the highest ranked Finnish rider, 46th in the world, during her time with Stephex Stables ph.

Between 2009–2012 Nina rode successfully to many international victories all over Europe. “In those years I was in the top 100 of the FEI World Ranking and was the highest ranked Finnish rider ever; 46th in the world. I got to know many excellent horse people, among them Eric Lamaze and Trevor Coyle, who have had a huge influence on my career.”

The Equestrian Federation of Finland awarded Nina Fagerström as ‘The Rider of The Year’ in 2009, 2010 and 2011! The Finnish Sport Editors Federation elected Nina Fagerström as Best Equestrian Athlete of 2010.

In 2012, after many successful years with Stephex Stables, Nina parted ways with the international brand and started Finca Horses with Alexander Rohling (CAN). Last year, Nina and Finca Horses partnered with France’s Eric Levallois and Haras de Beaufour. Now Finland’s well-known rider will expand her business to Canada and the United States for an exciting chapter in her international career.

Both Nina and Alexander Rohling will venture to Florida this month for the 2014 FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival and the HITS Ocala circuit, where Nina will make her American debut. Finca Horses will be based in Florida for competition in both Wellington and Ocala. Nina will be competing her team of horses, aging between 7-9 years old.

“I’m very excited of this opportunity to debut in the United States and I am really looking forward to it,” shared Nina. “Our horses are still young and I will bring them up carefully. I really believe in them and I am very thankful to have such good horses.”

Nina shared that she is excited for her American debut both because of the talented team of horses she brings and the opportunity to see old friends.

“I know Eric Lamaze well, since I used to ride his horses. Iit means a lot for me to know he is there,” said Nina. “After Florida we are moving to Ottawa, Canada. We will be based there and will be showing mainly in Canada for the summer. I’m really looking forwards to compete at Spruce Meadows in Calgary!”

“I’m excited for the move and I am sure it will bring a lot of exciting new contacts in Canada and the United States. I love Canada and it’s people, so I’m sure I will enjoy it all very much.”

We wish Nina and Alex the best of luck in their new ventures in North America. We will be excited to report on their results this season.

Source: Nina Fagerstrom/ Finca Horses

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