Paired Up: Lauren Tisbo and Brindis Bogibo

Lauren Tisbo & Brindis Bodigo in Kentucky.
Lauren Tisbo & Brindis Bogibo in Kentucky.

Young American talent Lauren Tisbo has found a new partner in Brindis Bogibo, a 10-year-old KWPN chestnut gelding (Grand Pilot I x Pacific).

The gelding, purchased in 2015 as a nine-year-old by AEM Enterprises from German rider Jörg Witte, went to the USA’s Andrew Welles for the start of his career in the States. This year, the pair began jumping at the two and three star level across the country at venues in Wellington, Lexington, Tryon, Omaha, and Bromont, with highlights including 2nd place finishes in the Tryon CSI5* Grand Prix in June and the CSI3*Grand Prix in Bromont just one month later.

Perhaps the largest win of the pair’s career came at September’s Hampton Classic Horse Show, where they finished 3rd in the $300,000 Longines Hampton Classic Grand Prix CSI4*. The future for Welles and Brindis was looking very bright, but when he and his owners were approached by Tisbo with an interest to purchase the coppery chestnut gelding, Welles made the difficult decision to hand over the reins.

Tisbo and Brindis Bogibo seem to have a formed a partnership already, finishing 10th in their first CSI5* event in Tryon, North Carolina in October. With a unique style and even more unique choices in tack, Tisbo works hard to connect with each of her horses, and she has her sights set high for the talented gelding. How did the partnership between you and Brindis Bogibo come about? Lauren Tisbo: I saw Brindis over the summer at Bromont. I don’t think I had seen him with Andrew Welles before then. They walked in the ring and he caught my eye. I thought he looked like a really interesting horse. I started working with Michelle Grubb at the Hamptons and we were talking about continuing to build my string. We were watching a class and he went in the ring and I said, “what do you think of this horse?” So it all started at Bromont and progressed from there.

NF: When did you actually acquire the horse?
LT: I haven’t even shown him in ten classes yet! I tried him at the Gold Cup and from there we were really lucky in that everything went smoothly with the vetting. We went home to Florida the next week. Then I left for New Albany so I didn’t ride him much. We went to Tryon right after that and started showing!

NF: And you had some really great results at Tryon in good company!
LT: Yeah, he was great! The first week was quiet enough. I did a 1.30 m class and then a couple of 1.40 m classes and then I put him in the FEI and did the 1.45 m Speed classes. Our plan was to bring him to Kentucky as a second horse. This is a difficult time of year to get going with a new horse. I’m really lucky that we clicked fairly quickly. We’re still figuring things out but it was nice to be able to bring him to Kentucky and do the 1.45m classes and not be worried that it was premature.

NF: What is Brindis’ personality like?
LT: Brindis is a fairly laid back guy, but he’s definitely alert, especially at horse shows. There’s a fine line between him being relaxed and a little wild. He’s funny about other horses getting close to him in the schooling area. But Andrew worked with him a lot on that to make sure he wasn’t so worried about the other horses, and he let me know those kinds of things in advance, which allowed me to work on those quirks at home. So with the spook, from day one I have sat back like I was in a western saddle and said ‘It’s okay, you can spook, I’m not going to get worked up over it.’ He seems to be adapting to that.

Lauren Tisbo & Brindis Bodigo.
Lauren Tisbo & Brindis Bogibo at the ingate.

In the ring, he’s excited. He isn’t overly aggressive but he goes to the jumps and looks for the jumps out of the turn. He is such a blast to ride.

NF: Is Andrew still involved in what you and Brindis are doing together?
LT: Definitely. Andrew really loved the horse. And it’s nice to get a horse from someone like that because you kind of have a manual. So Andrew has been wonderful and supportive. He communicates with me, lets me know how he did things. It’s like he is part of the family, and it’s so great to have support like that.

NF: In a recent article for Noelle Floyd Style, Welles talked about parting with Brindis. In that interview he said, “For me, Brindis is probably the best horse I have ever sat on.” Do you feel that he has the potential to be that horse for you as well?
LT: He is really an amazing horse. That’s always a hard thing to say before they reach the top of their career, that they’re the best you’ve ever had or the best you’ve ever sat on. But he is definitely a very special horse and I’m thrilled to have him. He very well could be… we’ll see!

NF: Your tack choices for your horses have been widely publicized, including the war bridle you use on MR Visto and the racing exercise saddle used on Coriandolo Di Ribano. You have also begun riding Brindis in the racing exercise saddle… why?
LT: Yeah, really just because that’s the only saddle that fits him right now. When I’m not in that saddle I ride in a Delgrange. But it’s hard when you’re traveling all the time… I just haven’t had a chance to get ahold of them for a fitting. For horses that have a big wither or big shoulder or a combination of the two, the exercise saddle is great because it’s really just an aluminum half-tree and two panels about the size of the palm of your hand. A lot of saddle issues you can solve with padding, but I’ve found that it’s better to not have to worry about it at all.

NF: Where does your team go next?
LT: We’re home in Florida now and I’ll do Holiday and Horses [CSI4* in December]. So Brindis will be my first or second horse there. And then hopefully he’ll be ready to go to WEF and be a grand prix horse.

NF: Do you see yourself keeping Brindis in the long term?
LT: Yes, definitely. We bought him, as Michelle puts it, as a “first-year green grand prix horse.” Andrew started doing him in the bigger classes and we bought him as a horse to continue developing and to be able to have another solid 1.60 m horse, in addition to my two stallions, MR Visto and Coriandolo Di Ribano. We are so excited to have Brindis as part of the family, and we’re really looking forward to his future.

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