Past, Present, Future: Hector Van d’Abdijhoeve

Although young Irish talent Bertram Allen’s partnership with Hector Van d’Abdijhoeve began not so long ago, the pair already hold high hopes and big goals for the future.

This past Sunday, December 4, Bertram and the 9-year-old BWP stallion (Cabrio van de Heffinck X Utrillo van de Heffinck) finished in 2nd place in the €350,00 Longines Grand Prix of Paris. It was the horse’s fastest performance to date, Bertram said.

After taking on the ride in 2015, Bertram and Hector quickly developed as a pair, accruing multiple top placings within the Longines Global Champions Tour, including top-three finishes in both CSI5* grand prix classes in Mexico City in April and in Cascais, Estoril in July.

Turning heads in every ring he enters with his fiery personality and impressive talent, it’s clear that this young stallion will be entertaining crowds and making headlines throughout his international career.

The Past:

  • He was bred by Hugo Boelens in Belgium and produced in Ireland by Thomas O’Brian.
  • He had a lot of good results as a young horse, producing many clear trips.
  • “I started to ride him in August 2015 and he has been exceptional these last months,” Bertram said.

The Present:

  • He is a very sweet stallion, pretty quiet, and well behaved, and brave.
  • He loves to play, so sometimes he’s doing weird things that cause little accidents like breaking his door gate, water bucket, or stable curtain.
  • When he goes to the paddock he’s the quietest horse around. He thinks it’s very boring to go out to the fields and just eat grass and watch other horses.
  • He does love to go loose in the indoor with toys, balls, rugs, or whatever he finds so he has his play time a few times a week.
  • At home, he’s starting to act as the “big stallion” in the barn. “We have six stallions in total and all are stabled together so even though all of them know that Romanov is the boss, Hector is doing his best to be next,” said Bertram.
  • What makes him special is that he wants to give 100 percent all the time. He’s a real fighter as you can tell from the way he kicks his back legs and bucks after the fences—everyday he’s fresh and enthusiastic. But that sometimes makes it difficult for finding distances and in jump offs or in an in-and-out at a double combination so he sometimes does it in his own way.

The Future:

  • “I think he has a great future ahead of him. He is still young and this is only his second season as super star but I think he can jump maybe the World Championships and also the Olympics one day,” Bertram said.
  • He already has great offspring waiting to be as good as their father.
  • Hector will jump the CSI5* grand prix in Geneva and will probably go to the European Championship “as it will be good for him to do a Championship.”


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