Past, Present, Future: Hello Forever

Just before Hello Forever stormed the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Cannes on Saturday, June 11th, we posed three questions to his rider Scott Brash. What jumps out in his mind about Hello Forever’s past, his present, and his future. The 10-year-old, Oldenburg gelding (For Pleasure x Nimmerdor) was bred in The Netherlands and is still a new prospect for Brash. But he is proving his talent with appearances such as his most recent one in France, and the future certainly looks bright:


  • We got Hello Forever from Stuart Harvey, in England. Stewart did a very good job with producing him.
  • I’ve been riding him a year and a half now. Lady Harris & Lady Kirkham purchased him for me to ride in January of 2015.
  • Before I got him, He’d never been abroad. Since I’ve had him, he’s traveled from Europe to three different continents: to North America, to China, and also to Qatar.


  • He’s just lovely natured, a lovely horse to work with. He’s really friendly and a nice horse to be around in the stable. Then when you ride him, he’s quite a spooky horse, he spooks at everything. You’ve always got to be thinking when you’re riding him, even when you’re hacking out. You could go for a nice leisurely stroll down the road and could be on your head if you’re not looking.
  • He naturally has a bit of white around his eye. Sometimes people mistake that white eye for a scared expression, but for him, that white around the eye is normal, and is there all the time.
  • His win last week at LGCT Cannes was his seventh FEI win, and his second CSI5* Grand Prix win. He won the American Invitational Grand Prix in Miami in 2015, shortly after I started riding him.


  • I think he’s a real top prospect. He can be a top grand prix horse and he proved that on Saturday in Cannes. I think the best is yet to come with him.
  • Right now we have some very good rounds, and some very average rounds. I think that it will get a lot more consistent as he gets more experienced, as we grow as a partnership
  • Whether he’s got the championship bit, I’m not so sure yet, I’ll not know that for six months more time really, but if he is, for sure I hope a championship would part of his future.

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