Riders List for Jumping International Dinard CSI5*

Christian Ahlmann & Cornado II won the 2016 Grand Prix of Dinard. Ph. Jumping Dinard

Jumping Dinard was host to the 1985 European Championships, and the current organizers of Jumping International Dinard, on the Brittany coast in France, one day hope to make a successful bid to bring the European Championships back to their show. With that goal in mind, when organizer Daniele Mars and her family took over the facility in 2012, they began working to regain the top FEI rating in the world. In 2013 it was run as a CSI3*, in 2014 a CSI4*, and since 2015 it has regained the 5* rating that it hopes to keep for years to come.

Results and orders of go will be available at this link.

See the complete CSI5* riders list by clicking here.

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