Talent Jumps Off the Page at The Ten Auction’s Debut Effort

Presentation of the horses at The Ten Auction. Ph. Tiffany Van Halle

With an electric atmosphere and an exclusive exhibition of promising talent, the consensus is in—it’s a ten for “The Ten”.  The innovative new horse auction concept created by Tal Milstein, Eric Grenier, Ilan Ferder, Daniel Bluman, Sören Kühl, Gilbert De Roock, and Carlo Pfyffer, presented ten show jumpers on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at Azelhof Horse Events in Lier, Belgium.

Featuring dinner, a presentation of the stallions Apardi, Alicante and others, as well as a concert alongside the auction, attendees delighted in a fresh take on the horse sales experience. It was a debut success on all accounts with only one interruption to the otherwise smooth proceedings.

An incident occurred when one of the sale horses became panicked and ran into the VIP area. The handler sustained an injury, but no guests were injured. After being examined by veterinary staff, the horse was confirmed as healthy and sound.

The Ten management released a statement with regards to the incident during the premiere event:

“It is heartwarming to witness the solidarity we received from those who attended the event. It’s very gratifying for us that people appreciate the effort THE TEN put into bringing something new into the horse world. 

“We would like to thank our security team, vets on site, and the staff for reacting professionally to the incident and making sure that the event continued and finished as successfully as it did. We look forward to future editions of The Ten.”

What caliber of talent was featured at The Ten? Take a look at the bidding results of the The Ten Talent List“. Formula for scoring each horse is outlined in detail here. 

Auction results of The Ten:

Lady vd Haartehoeve (Casall) €130.000 – Sold to Belgium

Mabel vd Kwakenbeek (Emerald) €450.000 – Sold to Colombia

Chicago Chicago (Mylord Carthago) €270.000 – Sold to the Ukraine

Nestor Z (Nonstop) €85.000- Sold to Belguim

Peter Pan (Perigueux) €130.000 – Sold to Mexico

Chanel de Vitron (Tresor de Vitron) €50.000 – Sold to France

Arsouil de la Chapel (Lamm de Fetan) €150.000 – Sold to Switzerland

Elize (Bamako de Muze) €250.000 – Sold to France

Bahira S (Balou du Rouet) €130.000 – Sold to Colombia

Canterbury (Cormint) €130.000 – Sold to the USA

Photography by Tiffany Van Halle

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