It Could Happen to You: The Importance of Wearing a Helmet

ph: Erin Gilmore for NF.

Do you think you’re a better than the average driver? Chances are, you do. And so do 90% of other drivers. The same principle can be applied to horseback riding without a helmet—most people abide by the optimistic principle that “it won’t happen to me.” Until it does…

Pinchen’s Helmet. Picture provided by Yazmin Pinchen.  

British show jumper Yazmin Pinchen, rides smart—she wears a helmet. This past weekend, the 24-year-old was schooling one of her mounts in Mijas, Spain. As she was riding down to a double combination on a good rhythm, something caught the attention of her horse. In an instant, he dropped to all four knees and fell to his side. As Pinchen fell, she went under the horse as he rolled on top of her—a freak accident.

“It was a genuine freak accident which could have happened anywhere. I always wear a hat training at home because horses are unpredictable,” Pinchen says. “I hope people can take something away from this and ensure they are always safe regardless of how safe your horse may be.”

By wearing a helmet, Pinchen always ensures that she’s taking every possible precautionary measure to come back to the barn in one piece. She credits her KEP Italia helmet that allowed her to walk away with just a small dent and a sore body.

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