Andrew Ramsay & Cocq A Doodle Win $45,000 CSI3* Open Classic at International Bromont

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Published on August 5, 2017

ndrew Ramsay & Cocq a Doodle. Ph. via Bromont
Andrew Ramsay & Cocq a Doodle. Ph. via Bromont

Andrew Ramsay & Cocq A Doodle finished first in the $45,000 CSI3* Open Classic to begin their weekend at International Bromont on Friday, August 5, 2017 in Bromont, Canada.

Course designer Luc Musette of Belgium constructed a challenge for the riders, but the ninth pair in the order was the first clear, and 13 qualified for the jumpoff.

Four riders chose to rest their horses and not compete in the second round: Sarah Scheiring, Heather Caristo-Williams, Alison Robitaille and Peter Lutz.

Nicholas Dello Joio set a reference time of 49.46 seconds in the jumpoff with Cantino, scoring a no-fault double, bu wast quickly overtaken by Devin Ryan and Cooper. Jennifer Serek and Wicked followed several horses later to dethrone the leader. With a time of 42.57, the pair seemed close to victory, with only three more to go.

Quebecker Isabelle Lapierre, with her 10-year-old KWPN mare Cescha M, had completed the fastest course in the first round on the track, as a penultimate competitor, but a difference of less than a second would put her into an eventual 3rd place.

The last pair on the track, Andrew Ramsay and Cocq A Doodle turned in an unbeatable 34.49 seconds, more than three seconds ahead of Serek.

Results – Classic Assante CSI3 *

  1. Andrew Ramsay (USA) / Cocq A Doodle, 0-0, 39.49 sec
  2. Jenn Serek (CAN) / Wicked, 0-0, 42.57 sec
  3. Isabelle Lapierre (CAN) / Cescha M, 0-0, 42.90 sec
  4. Devin Ryan (USA) / Cooper, 0-0, 42.98 sec
  5. Nicholas Dello Joio (USA) / Cantino, 0-0, 49.46 sec
  6. Kelley Robinson (CAN) / Blue’s Yer Daddy, 0-4, 43.57 sec
  7. Mattias Tromp (USA) / Quinta, 0-4, 44.07 sec
  8. Andrew Ramsay (USA) / Stranger, 0-14, 66.31 sec
  9. Jonathan McCrea (USA) / Aristoteles V, 0-16, 60.81 sec
  10. Sarah Scheiring (USA) / Dontez, 0-DNS
    10. Heather Caristo-Williams (USA) / Qui Vive of Dreams Z, 0-DNS
    10. Alison Robitaille (USA) / Ace, 0-DNS
    10. Peter Lutz ( USA) / Robin de Ponthual, 0-DNS

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