Belgian Chef d’Equipe Kurt Gravemeier resigns…


The successor of Philippe Guerdat as the head of the Belgian team since the beginning of 2013, Kurt Gravemeier, will no longer stand as the Chef d’Equipe of Team Belgium. Since the Furusiyya Nations Cup Final in Barcelona, Spain, word has been travelling regarding the Chef d’Equipe position for Team Belgium. However, this week the Royal Belgian Equestian Federation confirmed the news: Kurt Gravemeier is no longer the Chef d’Equipe for Team Belgium.

In consequence to this decision, the FRBSE stated that “In the search for the right jumping coach, potential candidates will be tested against the formatted profile. The three riders who are going to do this together along with the Royal Belgian Equestrian Federation (and those referred to by the other riders) are; Pieter Devos, Philippe Le Jeune and Wilm Vermeir.

“To keep all opened options, actual coach, Kurt Gravemeier was laid off. In view of the fact that he did not act any more as coach in wait of a decision, he was preferable to end his contract “specified in the formal press release by FRBSE.

Source: Equnews