Belgium’s 2014 Championship Squad announced…

    2013 CN International Grand Prix winner Pieter Devos and Candy at Spruce Meadows
2013 CN International Grand Prix winner Pieter Devos and Candy at Spruce Meadows

Belgium’s Chef d’Equipe Kurt Gravemeier has divided the Belgian riders into a 2014 Championship squad, as well as two other teams; an A-Squad and B-Squad for the coming season. The Championship squad will consist of Dirk Demeersman with Bufero vh Panishof, Pieter Devos with Candy, Francois Mathy with Polinska des Isles, Nicola Philippaerts with Cortez, Jos Verlooy with Domino and Gregory Wathelet with Conrad and Sea Coast Forlap.

The A Squad will consist of:

  1. Pieter Devos with Dream of India Greenfield
  2. Jos Lansink with Ensor de Litrange LXII
  3. Philippe Le Jeune with Loro Piana Filou de Muze
  4. Nicola Philippaerts with Quenzo de la Roque
  5. Constant van Paesschen with Citizenguard Toscan de Sainte Hermelle
  6. Gregory Wathelet with Papillon Z.

The B Squad will consist of;

  1. Jeroen Appelen with Enjoy
  2. Niels Bruynseels with Conisha vd Helle and Echo van’t Spieveld
  3. Pieter Clemens with Anicmo
  4. Karline de Brabander with Bamako de Muze
  5. Jerome Guery with V Pleasure
  6. Rik Hemeryck with Quarco de Kerambars
  7. Dominique Hendrickx with Cayen van het Hobos
  8. Eleonore Lamiltiotte with Alaska VGZ
  9. Judy-Ann Melchior with As Cold as Ice Z
  10. Gudrun Patteet with Sea Coast Ferly
  11. Olivier Philippaerts with Denver van’t Goemanshof
  12. Patrik Spits with Withney vd Dwerse Hagen
  13. Catherine van Roosbroeck with Calumet
  14. Maurice van Roosbroeck with Dylano
  15. Jan Vinckier with Emilie de Diamant AS.