Ben Maher wins Longines Grand Prix of Shanghai…


This week the city of Shanghai hosted the Longines International Horse Festival, an international event that took place in the most populous city of the People’s Republic of China. A perfect location to give further momentum to equestrian sport in China. Thanks to the efforts of such sponsors as Longines, the sport is seeing a growth in popularity with other events such as the Longines Hong Kong Masters.

A few notable riders elected to fly from Europe to Shanghai this week to compete at the CSI2* event. Britain’s Ben Maher, recently crowned World Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam, Ukraine’s Ulrich Kirchhoff and Olympic Gold medalist Peter Charles, to name a few. But it was Britain’s Ben Maher who won the main event, the Longines Grand Prix of Shanghai. Riding Ecreto B, Ben Maher completed his jump off round in a time 32.42 seconds. Second place went to China’s Duan Yiuha Knight, riding Adinka, completing his jump off round with a time roughly a second longer than Maher’s.

It was an excellent performance from the Chinese rider, who bettered Dutch World Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam riding borrowed mount Moonstar.

Longines Grand Prix
Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.45-1.50 m)  – Longines Shanghai International Horse Festival

1. 16 Ecreto B Ben Maher GBR 82500.00 CY 0 penalties 32.42 sec
bay 10y.S /Concreto/Lancer II/BWP/102ON91/ Raabe, Hermann GBR jump-off
2. 1 Adinka Duan Yihua CHN 66000.00 CY 0 penalties 33.30 sec
bay 9y.S /103ZH43/ Duan Yihua CHN jump-off
3. 17 Moonstar Jeroen Dubbeldam NED 49500.00 CY 0 penalties 33.40 sec
bay 8y.S /Kannan/Kildalton King/AES/103MT98/ Mr Steven Davenport NED jump-off
4. 10 Bolero Zhao Zhiwen (Daniel) CHN 33000.00 CY 0 penalties 35.08 sec
chest 13y.G /Kannan/Darco/BWP/BEL41479/ Stoeterij Kalipso CHN jump-off
5. 43 Newtime de Baussy Ulrich Kirchhoff UKR 23100.00 CY 0 penalties 35.64 sec
chest 13y.S /Concorde, Kwpn/SF/FRA47049/ Monsieur Thierry Navet UKR jump-off
6. 15 Washington Jerry Smit ITA 18150.00 CY 0 penalties 37.21 sec
black 11y.S /Indoctro/Akteur/KWPN/104DC42/ Huang Zuping ITA jump-off
7. 11 Yang Guang Chen Jingchuan CHN 13200.00 CY 0 penalties 38.22 sec
15y./-/104OK90 CHN jump-off
8. 46 Kadans Carlazzo Zhang Bin CHN 9900.00 CYN 0 penalties 38.32 sec
bay 9y.G /Cassini I/Exkurs/HOLST/103SU10/ Shanghai Equestrian Team CHN jump-off
9. 39 Al Capone Franke Sloothaak GER 9900.00 CYN 4 penalties 30.68 sec
bay 9y.G /Oklund/Grandeur/KWPN/103IN31/ Dhr. A. Meeuwis GER jump-off
10. 14 Belle van den Hoogeweg Huang Zuping CHN 8250.00 CYN 4 penalties 36.54 sec
bay 8y.M /Hold Up Premier/Lancelot/KWPN/104CQ59/ Ger Poels Horses CHN jump-off
11. 42 Berruby Peter Charles GBR 8250.00 CYN 1 penalty 74.22 sec
bay 8y.M /104OK49/ Zuping Equestrian Industry GBR round 1
12. 40 GK Lancome Patrick Lam HKG 8250.00 CYN 4 penalties 67.64 sec
bay 13y.S /Lerano/Acord II/HOLST/102TH23/ Turnier-U.Ausbildungsstall H.-J.Kla HKG round 1