Brazil’s Doda Miranda wins in Verona, Italy…

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Published on November 10, 2013

oda Miranda wins in Verona, Italy ph.Stefano Grasso/Fieracavalli
Doda Miranda wins in Verona, Italy ph.Stefano Grasso/Fieracavalli

Brazilian Alvaro ‘Doda’ De Miranda Neto and Victory Equestrian’s AD Norson won today’s Premio GIV with a time of 35.31 seconds and a total score of 44 points. Behind the French and reigning European champion, Roger Ives Bost, riding at Castle Forbes Vivaldo, who earned a time of 35.40 seconds and a total score of 44 points.

Third place went to Italy’s very own Federico Ciriesi who concluded with a the time of 35.66 seconds and the same score of athletes who have preceded him; 44 points. To close the top five of the competition were two German combinations: Christian Ahlmann and Asca Z (36.42) and reigning German Champion Daniel Deusser and Domingo (36.68).

Int. accumulator jumping competition with Joker (1.50 m) FEI-Art. 269.5 – CSI5*-W

1. 732 AD Norson Miranda, Doda de BRA 5875.00 EUR 44 points 35.31 sec
chest 12y.S /Quidam de Revel/Grand Veneur/SF/NED40143/ A.De Miranda & Victory Equ

2. 815 Castle Forbes Vivaldo vh Coste Bost, Roger Yves FRA 4700.00 EUR 44 points 35.40 sec
bay 15y.S /Clinton/Randel Z/BWP/GER24663/ Lady Georgina Forbes

3. 867 Calida 46 Ciriesi, Federico ITA 3525.00 EUR 44 points 35.66 sec
bay 12y.M /Chenook/OLDBG/103IH06/ Berselli Cecilia

4. 729 Asca Z Ahlmann, Christian GER 2350.00 EUR 44 points 36.42 sec
grey 10y.S /Askari/Carthago Z/HOLST/BEL42852/ Stoeterij Zangersheide

5. 753 Domingo Deusser, Daniel GER 1645.00 EUR 44 points 36.68 sec
dbay 10y.G /Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/Brownboy/BWP/BEL42885/ Stephex Stables – Rog

6. 744 Coolgirl Schwizer, Pius SUI 1292.50 EUR 44 points 36.84 sec
grey 9y.M /de 404 049939001/Polydor/WESTF/103EV86/ Balmelli Armando

7. 814 Atessa B L H de Luca, Lorenzo ITA 940.00 EUR 44 points 36.88 sec
black 8y.M /Oklund/N-Aldato/KWPN/102YV77/ Karen Long Dwight & Brigid Colvin

8. 726 KEC Giorgia Chimirri, Vincenzo ITA 705.00 EUR 44 points 36.92 sec
chest 9y.M /Aldatus Z/cruising/ISH/103LZ52/ Chimirri Vincenzo

9. 710 Delphinium del Sole Garcia, Juan Carlos ITA 705.00 EUR 44 points 37.67 sec
bay 10y.S /Heartbreaker/Onyx Blond II/102SA09/ Allevamento Cascina il Sole

10. 759 Zavall VDL Vrieling, Jur NED 587.50 EUR 44 points 38.17 sec
bay 9y.S /Casall/Emilion/KWPN/102ZE29/ Vdl Stud

11. 866 Viper Arioldi, Roberto ITA 587.50 EUR 44 points 39.22 sec
grey 11y.G /clinton/goodwill/KWPN/NED42623/ cino giancarlo

12. 782 Fixdesign Funke van ‘T Heike Martinengo Marquet, Giulia ITA 587.50 EUR 44 points 42.07 sec
bay 8y.M /Action Breaker/Grandeur/BWP/103CT40/ Sgh Srl

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