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Published on November 10, 2012


rand Prix night tonight…

Onira felt great yesterday when I flatted him so I am looking forward to the course tonight. It has been a long two days off without showing and I cannot wait to get back in the ring. Enough of watching from the sidelines! Although, I must say the classes have been very fun to see. I think we take for granted how much one can learn from watching.

Regardless, it is time to get back in there!

I have had a wonderful time checking out the exhibition halls here at the show. There are so many shops and stores that sell everything from shower heads to pickles. Tatiana and I ate our way through the free tasters yesterday. We had a great time trying everything. Although I do not recommend “Peabutter,” it does not –even if the nice salesperson says it does– taste like peanut butter.

I am going to go see the new Bond film, Skyfall this afternoon. We do not show until around 9:00 pm which gives me plenty of time to go to the theatre! I’m an avid Bond fan and I hear this one is great.

I hope to have good news from the Grand Prix later…!


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