BVA Auction for Gerco Schroder’s London closes at € 8.6 Million…


The BVA Auction of all Eurocommerce is drawing to a close in the Netherlands with the bidding for Gerco Schroder’s two-time Olympic silver medal winning mount London having closed only hours ago. The 12 year old Belgian-bred stallion, whose breeding rights were originally owned by the well-known Paul Schockemohle, saw the auction finish at the price of € 8.6 Million with a total of 23 bids made. It was known that all the major action would occur in the final hour before the auction would conclude.

The successful bidder and new owner of London is for the moment unknown but what is certain is that the two-time Olympic silver medal winning mount has been sold for over $11.8 Million USD. There is an additional condition to the BVA bid that could change the circumstances. It is possible for an interested party to bid on the combination plot. It contains a number of other horses in addition to London. The bidding for the combination plot of horses concludes today at 4:15 pm (Netherlands). Soon an announcement will be made as to who is the proud new owner of the amazing stallion London and whether Gerco Schroder will remain the rider ahead of the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France in September.

The BVA auction finished for Albert Voorn’s Tobalio, concluding at a price of € 175,000 with a total of 38 bids made on the 14 year old Dutch-bred gelding. A total of sixteen bids were made for the 11 year old stallion Callahan, with the final bidding price finishing at €180,000. The 15 year old grey gelding New Orleans only received two bids, with the final purchase price ending at € 210,000. The combination bid could include these horses, so confirmation of the new owners is yet to be made.

Source: BVA Auctions