Cellagon Lambrasco retires from the sport of show jumping…


Cellagon Lambrasco says “goodbye ” to the sport of show jumping. As one of the biggest stars of German show jumping, Janne Friederike Meyer has decided to retire her successful stallion Cellagon Lambrasco from competitive sport.

Cellagon Lambrasco injured his tendon last year at the third to last fence in the Longines Grand Prix of Dublin and Janne want her “Mops”, as she calls him, not to be exposed to the risk of re-injury. Cellagon Lambrasco and Janne together won the Grand Prix events of Oldenburg, Frankfurt, Münster and 0f course the famous 2011 Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen. They were part of the German Olympic Team in 2012, and were European Team Champions in 2011 and still remain the current World Team Champions.

“Mops is not just a horse – for me he’s my wonder horse. He is the best example that you can grow and reach things which no one would have expected!” Cellagon Lambrasco is quite small in height so originally the Meyer family had considered him as a fast, agile horse for the Middle Tour of competition. He won the Speed Derby in Hamburg at the age of nine and even then, Friederike-Meyer could not imagine what career her horse had ahead of him; “Cellagon Lambrasco means everything to me! He has always given me the feeling that we can rely 150% on each other.” says Janne.

“The accident from Dublin was a big shock for me, I needed some time to get over it. Now I am happy that he will enjoy the rest of his life on the farm and the fields of my parents.” But before that, Mops will celebrate his retirement at his favorite show, the German Jumping Derby in Hamburg and will say goodbye for the last time to his audience.

Source: Press Release