CHIO Aachen disagreed with Furusiyya over Economic terms…

Leon Thijssen (NED) riding Tyson - KWPN Photo: Kate Houghton/FEI
Leon Thijssen (NED) riding Tyson in the 2013 Furusiyya Nations Cup of Aachen
Photo: Kate Houghton/FEI

Speaking with CHIO Aachen’s Niels Knippertz, it is clear that Aachen is by no means concerned about not partaking in the 2014 Furusiyya Nations Cup series this year. After comments made by Show Director Frank Kempermann, it is clear that CHIO Aachen has big plans for their Mercedes Benz Nations Cup this year at their annual event, which include inviting riders and teams they were unable to invite last year.

Every year, roughly 360,000 spectators fervently flock to Aachen, Germany to watch the ultimate in equestrian competition. Truly record-level attendance, Aachen offers ten days of some of the most famous equestrian competition in our sport. “But this is not what counts most for us,” says Show Director Frank Kemperman. “It is more important to us that we succeed in further increasing the quality and the significance of the CHIO Aachen.”

So are there concerns that Aachen will suffer not being associated with the Furusiyya Nations Cup series in 2014? Certainly not. With the Rolex Grand Slam in full swing, this summer, CHIO Aachen will be the center of attention for everyone in the sport of show jumping. This season, one of the big questions will arise, who will immortalize him or herself on the CHIO Aachen’s winners’ board in 2014?

Riders through out the world will agree, Aachen is a prestige won by few but desired by all. “You must have won at Aachen to be someone in the equestrian sport world”, says Hans Günter Winkler.

So what were the issues that prevented Aachen and the Furusiyya Nations Cup series from joining forces this season?

“Economically it was not possible to agree with the FEI,” says Michael Mronz, manager of Aachen. “Of course there will be the Mercedes-Benz Nations Cup in Aachen 2014 like all the years before,” says Niels Knippertz. “The only difference is it won’t be part of the Furusiyya Nations cup series of the FEI.”

“There is a yearly package with several commercial issues , like f.e. boarding, obstacle etc, was agreed, this year the package was almost the same but the FEI fee for the package was reduced to only 25%. The Mercedes Benz Nations Cup will not change for us, the prize-money is the same as last year and we can invite those Nations we want.”

Aachen President and Show Director, Frank Kempermann considers this a positive step for Aachen – saying that “Due to the altered situation, we are now more flexible in inviting participants. Without being linked to the FEI, we can now invite the strongest teams in the world.”

Source: CHIO Aachen