Chris Kappler, Sarah Segal & Andrew Ramsay Announce Expanded Team

Chris Kappler, Sarah Segal & Andrew Ramsay Announce Expanded Team
Andrew Ramsay, Chris Kappler, Sarah Segal. Ph. ©Paramount Group – Equestrian Marketing / Chris Kappler Inc.
Andrew Ramsay, Chris Kappler, Sarah Segal. Ph. ©Paramount Group – Equestrian Marketing / Chris Kappler Inc.

Olympic team gold medalist and individual silver medalist in showjumping Chris Kappler will lead the coaching team of Chris Kappler Inc. along with elite showjumping competitors and trainers Andrew Ramsay and Sarah Segal. The newly expanded team is in a good position to strengthen its presence and capabilities in both national and international Grand Prix events. They will be providing customized training, coaching and competition programs at two strategic locations – Pittstown, New Jersey and Wellington, Florida.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration as the Winter Equestrian Festival wraps up here in Wellington,” says Chris Kappler. “We’ve had a successful winter circuit and are ready for the summer season. Our team has all the right components in place to compete and succeed at the highest level of competition, both here in the United States and abroad.” He adds, “Our mission is to provide the most educated and dedicated care and training, earning competitive success with happy, healthy and fit horses.”

Success takes a team
Joining Chris in the new endeavor is native Californian Andrew Ramsay. During his junior years Andrew trained with Linda Hough and Stephanie Simmonds, achieving great success including individual and team silver medals in the Young Riders Championships. Following college Andrew spent time in Europe developing and competing young horses with Alan Waldman, winning the Dutch Young Horse Championships and earning placings in the Young Horse World Championships. Under the SHALANNO Farms banner Andrew has coached his own students to numerous successes at the international level. For the last three years Andrew has been mentored by George Morris; he also recently relocated SHALANNO Farms to Wellington, Florida. Andrew brings with him a talented string of horses that he competes at 5* events and will be an integral part of the new team as rider and trainer at Chris Kappler Inc.

Sarah Segal has been a professional rider since graduating from Princeton University in 2006. After training at George Morris’s Hunterdon Inc. during her time at Princeton, she began her professional riding career by working for John and Beezie Madden. She returned to New Jersey in 2008 and has worked at Chris Kappler Inc. ever since. Sarah’s results in the show ring include a team gold medal from the North American Young Rider Championships and Grand Prix victories at major shows on the East coast. She represented the US Equestrian Team at several Nations Cup competitions, including the 2014 Furusiyya Nations Cup in Xalapa, Mexico. With Chris’s guidance she has developed numerous young horses into successful international Grand Prix competitors, earning results up to the 5* level. Sarah’s exposure to the best mentors in the showjumping industry, as well as her experience at elite levels of competition, make her a valuable asset to Chris Kappler Inc. as a rider and trainer.

The trio will work out of both New Jersey and Florida, where their facilities include world-class stables that are managed by knowledgeable and dedicated support staff who round out the team; the primary role of these professionals is to ensure that each horse is intimately known and thoroughly attended to every day.

Attention to detail

Much of Chris Kappler’s success as a rider comes from his keen attention to detail, something he learned while working with George Morris. Today, that attention to detail is also behind his philosophy to develop horses and riders into world-class competitors.

“We want to offer our clients the complete package that is required for success,” Chris explains. Owners will see that Chris’s approach includes an honest and thorough evaluation for clients who are looking to invest in a horse from our top-quality breeding partners in the industry. He adds, “Horses in our care benefit from a carefully planned health, fitness and training program that contribute to managing the equine athlete for competing at peak performance.”

The same attention to detail is at the core of the team’s approach to rider development. Chris says, “Riders in our program compete with confidence and achieve top results because they are thoroughly prepared by a balanced schedule of training and competitions. Our riders know when they enter the ring, they are well prepared and have a winning plan.”

Positive team dynamic brings energy
Andrew believes the new team brings a unique perspective to the competitive equestrian world. “We are a team that pays attention to both rider and horse development,” he says. “As riders we understand what is at stake and what is required to reach goals. Working so closely with Chris means we are continually benefitting from his Olympic experience; he has accomplished what I am dedicated to accomplishing myself. The combined depth of knowledge and resources created through this partnership is key to future successes for our team and clients at the highest levels.”

“I am proud of the expertise and dedication that our team offers,” adds Sarah. “We are now in a better position to provide comprehensive service to clients who want to achieve their goals at any level both as owners or riders.” On a personal note, she says, “Looking to the future, it will be great to be competing with SHALANNO Farms as our new home base in Wellington during the winter season.”

The new Chris Kappler Inc. offers an elite-level equestrian training program with emphasis on comprehensive training of today’s show jumper, welcoming both riders and owners. With facilities in both New Jersey and Florida, the new team will focus on developing strong competitors both physically and mentally, with horses and riders ready for the ultimate goal: the Grand Prix. Visit for more information about the team’s philosophy and approach as well as detailed background on Chris Kappler’s achievements as a professional show jumper.