Cian O’Connor Out With Injury

Cian O’Connor Out With Injury

World No. 34 Cian O’Connor of Ireland has reported via his Facebook page that he’ll be taking an unplanned leave of absence from competition after sustaining a minor injury last weekend at Eschweiler CSI4* in Germany.

O’Connor, who was gearing up for a busy month of May in Europe after completing a successful winter tour in Wellington, Florida, will instead be on the mend for several weeks, missing planned appearances with the Irish team at CSIO5* La Baule, France and CSIO5* Rome, Italy. O’Connor kept an upbeat attitude about his latest turn of events, writing:

“At my last show in Eschweiler I sustained a groin injury.

I’d like to thank Helena Stormanns, show organiser, and the Allen family for their help both at the show and in pointing me in the right direction on the road to recovery.

I was really looking forward to being part of the Irish teams at La Baule and Rome and indeed my GCL team Miami Glory in Madrid, but unfortunately under doctor’s advice it is best I miss these outings.

I’ll now focus my efforts on getting my injury healed first and foremost, as well as coaching my students. It’s far from ideal but it could always be worse!”