CSIO5* Grand Prix of Gijon goes to Switzerland’s Niklaus Rutschi…

Rutschi Gran Premio (2)

Switzerland’s Niklaus Rutschi and Windsor XV won Monday’s CSIO5* Grand Prix of Gijon. The class concluded a long week of competition at in Spain, seeing a total of 44 riders entered to compete in the CSIO5* Grand Prix of Gijon. However, only five riders produced clear rounds in the second part of the competition, seeing Switzerland’s Rutschi earning the fastest time aboard the 11 year old chestnut gelding stopping the clock on 53.23 seconds.

California’s Ashlee Bond finished second aboard her outstanding mare Chela LS, not too far behind the Swiss victor with a time of 53.79 seconds. France’s Kevin Staut on Estoy Aqui de Muze HDC finished in third place with a time of 55.04 seconds. The two last clears came from Marie Pellegrin Etter on Admirable who finished fourth and from Brazil’s Pedro Veniss on Quabri de L Isle who finished fifth after a terrific week for the Brazilian rider.

After a great week in Gijon, the Netherland’s Leon Thijssen received the Longines Trophy as the leading rider of the show. The Diario El Comercio Trophy was awarded to Santiago Núñez Riva as the top-performing Spanish rider at the event, while Sergio Álvarez Moya received the El Gaitero Trophy as the best-performing Spanish rider in the Grand Prix of Gijon.

Int. jumping competition over two rounds with jump off (1.60 m)
FEI Art. 273.1,2.2,3.3.1 & 4.3 – CSIO5*
Qualification for the EUROPEANS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015
Competition counts for the LONGINES ranking list

1. 113 Windsor XV Rutschi, Niklaus SUI 49830.00 EU 0 penalties 53.23 sec
chest 11y.G /Karandasj/Wellington/KWPN/102NX88/ Meier Florian round 2
2. 117 Chela LS Bond, Ashlee USA 30200.00 EU 0 penalties 53.79 sec
chest 10y.M /Chapultepec la Silla/Tlaloc la Silla/SLS/102TA72/ Little Valley Farm round 2
3. 42 Estoy Aqui de Muze HDC Staut, Kevin FRA 22650.00 EU 0 penalties 55.04 sec
chest 10y.M /Malito de Reves/Kashmir van Schuttershof/BWP/102NB32/ Haras Des Coud round 2
4. 103 Admirable Pellegrin-Etter, Marie SUI 15100.00 EU 0 penalties 56.86 sec
bay 14y.G /A Jungle Prince/Rhytmo/HANN/SUI40764/ Ecurie Galoubet round 2
5. 145 Quabri de L Isle Veniss, Pedro BRA 9060.00 EUR 0 penalties 60.29 sec
chest 10y.S /Kannan/Socrate de Chivre/SF/102XB32/ Carmen Davrella de Aguilera round 2
6. 39 Qlassic Bois Margot Delestre, Simon FRA 6795.00 EUR 4 penalties 58.90 sec
black 10y.S /L’arc de Triomphe/Galoubet A/SF/102ZZ81/ Haras du Bois Margot round 2
7. 62 Ashkari Pinchen, Yasmin GBR 4530.00 EUR 4 penalties 61.31 sec
bay 12y.M /GBR41727/ Mrs Nancy Pinchen round 2
8. 57 Pebbles IV Bevis, Robert GBR 3775.00 EUR 4 penalties 62.77 sec
grey 9y.M /Cheers Cassini/Ontario/AES/103HF05/ Kate Mustill round 2
9. 121 HH Copin van de Broy Judge, Quentin USA 3020.00 EUR 8 penalties 53.98 sec
bay 12y.S /Darco/Brownboy/BWP/102OV98/ Double H Farm round 2
10. 150 Orient Express HDC Delaveau, Patrice FRA 3020.00 EUR 8 penalties 56.42 sec
bay 12y.S /Quick Star SF/Le Tot de Semilly/SF/102QT10/ Haras Des Coudrettes round 2
11. 107 Concetto Son Guerdat, Steve SUI 1510.00 EUR 8 penalties 59.47 sec
dbay 10y.G /Concetto/Drosseklklang II/OLDBG/103VP84/ Fuchs Thomas round 2
12. 166 Zurito Do Belmonte Fernandes, Mario Wilson POR 1510.00 EUR 8 penalties 63.76 sec
bay 10y.G /Gedeon D’ l’herbage/Granusso (ger)/102UW47/ Peter Ernest Matthes round 2