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Published on July 8, 2012


major blow for Team France. Patrice Delaveau and Orient Express HDC will not be attending the Olympic games after the stallion sustained an injury this week in Aachen. The horse has returned home and will undergo examination for a complete diagnosis but recovery is expected to take the rest of the summer. Hopes are that he and Patrice will be back in time for World Cup competition in the fall.

It is a very unfortunate turn of events for the French rider. When I saw Patrice earlier in the week and he seemed very disappointed and it goes without saying as the team was only just recently announced, so quickly has it changed again. The horse was already scratched from competition on Thursday.

However, as many Chef’s have mentioned this may not be the last. It is very difficult to keep the horses healthy but also competitive up until the teams are announced. Philippe Guerdat, chef d’equipe for the Belgian Olympic team, was explaining to me how difficult the time leading up to the Olympic games is. It’s stressful for both horses and riders and the pressure can sometimes have devastating effects. Let’s hope that Patrice and Orient are the last pair to buckle under the strain, however predictions say otherwise.

It is a real shame as the Patrice and Orient were really on fire in Rotterdam and would have been a valuable asset for Team France next month.

So, the new team is as follows;

1. Penelope Leprevost
2. Simon Delestre
3. Olivier Guillon
4. Kevin Staut
5. Roger-Yves Bost

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