Emanuele Gaudiano & Caesario 6 first winners at Gucci Paris Masters…

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Published on December 6, 2013

ph. Gucci Masters

After a warm-up in the beginning of the afternoon, intended for the horses to get used to the arena, the Masters (CSI 5*) began at 6.30 pm under table A against the clock at 1.45m. Italian Emanuele Gaudino won this first event of the 2013 edition of the Masters. The European Young Rider vice-champion (2007) was the fastest with Caesario 6, son of Cornet Obolensky. The couple finished the course in 56.77 seconds, taking victory from Patrice Delaveau and Quenndal de Lojou, son of Le Tot de Semilly. The French World no. 8, and his 9 year old finished 2nd in 58.63 seconds.

The 3rd place went to Jane Richard Philips, ambassador Longines de l’Elégance. The Swiss rode Dieudonne de Guldenboom, son of Nabab de Rêve, crossing the line in a time of 58.79 seconds. France’s Jerome Hurel kept French presence strong in the top six, finishing fourth, while reigning World Champion Philippe le Jeune finished in fifth for Belgium. Germany’s Marcus Ehning and long-time partner Sabrina finished in sixth place with a time of 63.34 seconds while Hong Kong’s Kenneth Cheng finished ahead of Brazil’s Rodrigo Pessoa The riders of the Gucci will be back in the arena of the Gucci Paris Masters tomorrow Friday at 7.00 pm for the Grand Prix GDE (table A with jump-off).

Source: Gucci Masters

Int. jumping competition against the clock (1.45 m) FEI – Art. 238.2.1 – CSI 5*

1. 62 Caesario 6 Gaudiano, Emanuele ITA 2640.00 EUR 0 penalties 56.77 sec
dbay 9y.G /Cornet Obolensky/Pilot/WESTF/102UH86/ Sudheimer Hof / Thomas Sagel
2. 29 Quenndal de lojou Delaveau, Patrice FRA 1600.00 EUR 0 penalties 58.63 sec
chest 9y.S /04 341 492 L/GEMME DU MURIER SF/SF/102XK80/ Sarl Haras des Coudrettes
3. 57 Dieudonne de Guldenboom Richard Philips, Jane SUI 1200.00 EUR 0 penalties 58.79 sec
bay 10y.G /Nabab de Reve/Gibramino/BWP/102PH42/ IHP – L.P. + Allevamento Guldenb
4. 6 Zafir Hurel, Jerome FRA 800.00 EUR 0 penalties 58.81 sec
bay 9y.G /Orame/Marlon/KWPN/102SQ57/ Madame Laure Henry
5. 74 Loro Piana Lismeen Lancer Le Jeune, Philippe BEL 480.00 EUR 0 penalties 58.83 sec
bay 11y.G /Limmerick/Flagmount Diamond/ISH/SUI40877/ D+D srl
6. 73 Sabrina Ehning, Marcus GER 360.00 EUR 0 penalties 63.34 sec
bay 14y.M /Sandro Boy/Landadel/BAY/GER40673/ Winley Farm LLC & Gölkel,Judith
7. 35 Jockey Club Caballo Cheng, Kenneth HKG 240.00 EUR 0 penalties 67.38 sec
bay 10y.G /Cheenook/Grandus/ZWEIB/103HK02/ Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Tru
8. 100 Tinkabell 12 Pessoa, Rodrigo BRA 200.00 EUR 0 penalties 70.76 sec
grey 8y.M /Casco/Ekstein/KWPN/103LM22/ Rodrigo Pessoa
9. 94 All Inclusive NRW Lynch, Denis IRL 160.00 EUR 1 penalty 73.69 sec
bay 14y.G /Arpeggio/Phantom/WESTF/GER27805/ Thomas Straumann & Denis Lynch
10. 13 Qlassic Bois Margot Delestre, Simon FRA 160.00 EUR 1 penalty 74.77 sec
black 9y.S /l’Arc de Triomphe/Galoubet A/SF/102ZZ81/ Haras du Bois Margot
11. 53 Victor Foster, Tiffany CAN 80.00 EUR 1 penalty 74.90 sec
bay 11y.G /Elmshorn/Grandeur/KWPN/DEN40627/ Torrey Pines Stable & Artisan Farms
12. 81 Cevo Itot du Chateau Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS 80.00 EUR 1 penalty 75.79 sec
chest 17y.G /Le Tot de Semilly/Galoubet A/SF/FRA10184/ E Alexander & Stal Tops

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