France remain in the Lead for Furuisyya Nations Cup Div 1 Standings…

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ph. Tiffany van Halle
ph. Tiffany van Halle

The British team may have won the last two rounds of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup they were only eligible for points in Rome, Italy that took place today at the Piazza di Siena venue in the heart of Rome. Unfortunately not picking up any points from their incredible win in La Baule, means France remains in the lead of the Furusiyya Nations Cup Division 1 Standings. France picked up points at the Furusiyya Nations Cup events in Lummen, Belgium and in La Baule, France last week.

The standings after the third leg are as follows;

1.    France  160 points
2.    Italy  155 points
3.    Belgium  150 points
4.    Spain  135 points
4.    Netherlands  135 points
6.    Sweden  130 points
7.    Ireland  125 points
8.    Great Britain  100 points