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Published on July 12, 2013


Weishaupt Philipp (GER) – Monte Bellini in Rotterdam
FEI Furusiyya Nations
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Rolf Moormann (GER), talking about the course – “The water jumped well.  The biggest problem on the course was the narrow vertical after it.  It was a good course and the competition was nice to watch, there were no bad pictures”.

Swedish Chef d’equipe Sylve Söderstrand – “I am very pleased with today’s rounds. Three of our horses were beginners so I am happy with their results. This was good preparation and answered some questions before the European Championships”.

Marcus Ehning: ”I am very happy about this win. I was the first rider to go in the competition so I was feeling a bit nervous but my horse was really great today and made my life a lot easier!”

Carsten-Otto Nagel about his double clear: “The crowd is unbelievable here and it’s always a pleasure to ride in Falsterbo. I am delighted with my result today, it couldn’t be better.”

Willem Greve (NED) “Actually to be honest my nine-year-old horse has always been good to me. I have had him since he was four and there has not been one day that he has let me down. I’m very proud of him and he’s a super horse.”

“I think it gives you an extra drive if the crowd is enthusiastic. Okay I never rode in Aachen, but to ride here, a double clear and the people they cheer for the Dutch, but they cheer a bit extra for Rolf and Malin than the rest, but they cheer for everybody and just enjoy the sport no matter who is jumping.”

Jens Fredricsson (SWE) “In the first round I had three of four small rubs and he was clear. Second round he jumped beautifully and I rode a little bit too strong into the last combination and the last stride a little bit too short, so he had a small touch. It’s a rider’s mistake I would call it. The crowd is really interested, you know? There are a lot of breeders and horse owners and riders here and for the whole week it’s a lot of people. I’ve been coming here for about 20 years, and the crowd here is absolutely fantastic.”

Steve Guerdat (SUI) “My horse felt ok in the first round. In the second round I don’t know really, she just didn’t jump up. Yeah, that’s how it is today, sometimes you have the luck and you stay clear and sometimes a little less.”

Piergorgio Bucci (ITA) “It feels amazing to go double clear, I’m glad I’m riding the best horse in my life and after three years he gives me this big present, it’s really easy with this horse, it’s unbelievable.”

Ulrich Kirchhoff (UKR) “My horse jumped very well over the water, but I knocked the last fence over. Overall, he jumped very well and I got a super feeling. I’ve been here for five or six times and it’s a fantastic show for me. I have had a lot of success here. The people are horse people and you can feel it out there, it’s fantastic!”

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