German rider Max Kühner to represent Austria in 2015….

As of 1st of January 2015, the previous German rider, Max Kühner, will represent Austria instead. Kühner has been successfully competing under the German flag throughout his entire career. On his website, Kühner writes that German Chef d’Equipe Otto Becker has been involved in his decision, and that it thus comes as no surprise.

Kühner also has a strong connection to his new country; “We have for a long time had a residence in Austria. As a child, I started riding at the equestrian center Mauring together with Julia Kayser. In addition for me who lives in Bayern, Austria is closer than Northern Germany,” the rider stated on his website.  In addition, the statement explained that through Austria there will be greater opportunities in the future for a spot in the lucrative international tournaments, the first division, as well as at European Championships, World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games.