German victories start an exciting week off at CHIO Aachen…

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Published on June 26, 2013

ans-Dieter Dreher is the second German rider to win in Aachen this week ph. CHIO Aachen
Hans-Dieter Dreher is the second German rider to win in Aachen this week ph. CHIO Aachen

Patrick Stühlmeyer start’s week in Aachen by winning the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup…

There was a German victory in the opening jumping competition: Patrick Stühlmeyer won the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup.  The 23-year-old jumped the 1.40-metre course clear in the fastest time with the Oldenburger gelding, Chasmo.

He took precisely 72 seconds – and none of his fellow top-class competitors were able to match this time over the 520-metre long course designed by Frank Rothenberger.  “My horse felt super today.  He is very consistent, so you can actually plan your success with him,” Stühlmeyer said about the 8-year-old gelding.  The young man, who has been employed as a professional rider at the Erdmann Stables in Osnabruck since last year, is certainly not a newcomer to the national or international circuit.

The member of the German Young Jumping Talent Group of the Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) has been striding from victory to victory for some time already and has long since established himself in the world rankings.  The 2011 Team European Jumping Champion of the Young Riders recently claimed his first medal at the German Championships in Balve, namely the bronze medal, with his top horse, Lord Lohengrin.

The youngster isn’t a stranger at the CHIO since last year either. “Aachen is something totally special of course,” commented Stühlmeyer.  He also said he hadn’t been overly nervous before competing, and had gone the whole hog even at the start of the show. “While others are still taking it easy, I really step on the gas,” the self-confident rider explained, announcing that he intends to claim further good placings over the next few days.

According to Stühlmeyer the CHIO allows him to expand his horizon.  One of the advantages of the World Equestrian Festival? “Here you can watch so many professionals warming up, see how they work their horses and learn a lot from them.”  Stühlmeyer also has plenty of ambitions in the imperial city for the future.  It is his dream to win the Grand Prix.  “But I’ve still got a few years’ time to reach that goal,” the likeable shooting star joked.  Whereby, he has already set himself the target of qualifying for the Grand Prix this year.

The veteran rider, Robert Smith, from Great Britain ranked second in the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup with his horse, Bavi.  He took 73.20 seconds to finish the course and was thus just over a second faster than Werner Muff (74.37/Switzerland), who came third.  The Swiss rider entered the jumping stadium on the grey gelding, Bas II.  In total 36 riders competed in the first classification of the tour for seven and eight-year-old horses.  The final is on Saturday.

The speedy Hans-Dieter Dreher wins the Prize of Handewerks aboard Master de Menardiere…

The German rider, Hans-Dieter Dreher won the Prize of the Handwerks.  The 41-year-old show-jumper from Eimeldingen triumphed in the speed competition after reaching the finish line with his 13-year-old stallion, Master de Menardiere, in a time of 62.62 seconds. The rider from Baden-Württemberg was thus over a second faster than David Will, who finished second on Black Jack after crossing the finish line in 63.72 seconds.

The German team thus achieved a double victory in the opening jumping competition on Wednesday.  14 pairs had managed to jump clear over the 500-metre long course designed by Frank Rothenberger, which comprised of eleven obstacles and 13 fences. The Belgian rider, Jérôme Guery, who was just eight hundredths of a second slower than Will, came third on Popstar Lozonais.

Source: CHIO Aachen Press

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