Germany first to go in Furusiyya Nations Cup Qualifier in St. Gallen…


The tenth qualifier of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 2015 season will take place at St Gallen, Switzerland, tomorrow, Friday 5 June, attracting a field of eight teams.

The starting order, which was determined by a draw held in St Gallen this afternoon, will be as follows:

1.     Germany
2.‎     Switzerland
3.‎     Great Britain
4.     Italy
5. ‎    Netherlands
6.     Belgium
7. ‎    France
8.     Ireland

This is the fourth leg of the Europe Division 1 League, and the teams from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland will be eligible for Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup points. A total of 10 nations will compete in Europe Division 1 during the season, and seven teams will qualify for the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 2015 Final which will take place in Barcelona, Spain from 24 to 27 September.

Source: Press release from FEI

International class 6 – Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines Starting List

Table A in two Rounds (Art. 264) Height: 160cm
Prize money: 200’000 €

Number of Teams: 8

Start Nation No Horse Rider Round A Round B Total
Order Code Sex/Age/Breed/Color/Sire/Sire of Dam/Owner Pen Pen Pen

* 1 GER – Germany (Chef d’Equipe: BECKER Otto)

120 Embassy II DREHER Hans-Dieter
ST/14/HANN/dbay/Escudo I/Silvio I/Galmbacher SPZ

11 Brooklyn 17 STEVENS Mario
GD/10/WESTF/chest/Balou du Rouet/Arpeggio/Stevens Sportpferde Gmb

165 Epleaser van T Heike AHLMANN Christian
ST/11/BWP/chest/For Pleasure/Nabab de Reve/Marion Jauß

44 Chiara BEERBAUM Ludger
MA/12/HOLST/grey/Contender/Coronado/Madeleine Winter-Schulze

* 2 SUI – Switzerland (Chef d’Equipe: KISTLER Andi)

159 Nino Des Buissonnets GUERDAT Steve
GD/14/SF/bay/Kannan (nl) Kwpn/Narcos II/Schwarzenbach Urs E.

86 Quorida de Treho DUGUET Romain
MA/11/SF/chest/Kannan, Kwpn/Tolbiac Des Forets/Duguet Christiana

115 Clooney 51 FUCHS Martin
GD/9/WESTF/grey/Cornet Obolensky/Ferragamo/Spcs

175 Amira SCHWIZER Pius
MA/10/ZANG/black/Air Jordan Z/Chellano Z/Quinoa Stables S.A.

3 GBR – Great Britain (Chef d’Equipe: LAMPARD Di)

34 Dougie Douglas GILLOTT Holly
GD/10/ISH/chest/Ard VDL Douglas/High Roller/Holly Gillott & Graha

181 Catwalk IV WHITAKER Robert
GD/12/HOLST/bay/Colman/Corleone/Clare Whitaker & Mandy Hall

111 Spirit T MENDOZA Jessica
MA/14/-/bay/Tornado/Carnaval Drum/Sarah Mendoza

73 Fandango WHITAKER William
GD/12/SWB/dbay/Last Liberty 988/Krocket 651/Elisan Ab

4 ITA – Italy (Chef d’Equipe: HORN Hans)

64 Fixdesign Funke van ‘T Heike MARTINENGO MARQUET Giulia
MA/10/-/bay/Action Breaker/Grandeur/Sgh Srl

160 Erco van T Roosakker DE LUCA Lorenzo
-/11/BWP/bay/Darco/Kannan/Stephex Stables

130 Ares BICOCCHI Emilio
GD/9/-/bay/Ephebe F. Ever/rebel/Sc. Emilio Bicocchi S.r.l.

2 Catwalk Z BUCCI Piergiorgio
GD/11/-/chest/Carthago Z/Quick Star/Stal Bucci B.V.

5 NED – Netherlands (Chef d’Equipe: EHRENS Rob)

14 Don Vhp Z SMOLDERS Harrie
ST/11/ZANG/-/Diamant de Semilly/Voltaire/Llc Copernicus Stables

50 Whitney Bb GREEVE Michael
MA/12/KWPN/bay/Nabab de Reve/Calido/Springstal ‘t Bergse Bos & De

171 Vignet PALS Johnny
ST/13/KWPN/chest/Heartbreaker/Iroko/Stoeterij Black Horses

123 Eldorado V. Zeshoek Tn GREVE Willem
ST/11/BWP/bay/Clinton/Toulon/H.Nijhof / Team Nijhof

* 6 BEL – Belgium (Chef d’Equipe: DEMEERSMAN Dirk)

62 Dream of India Greenfield DEVOS Pieter
GD/12/BWP/bay/Gem Of India/Night And Day/Devos Stables

154 Pommeau du Heup BRUYNSEELS Niels
ST/12/SF/chest/Helios de la Cour II/Thurin/Van Dijck Marc en Jori

125 Domino VERLOOY Jos
GD/12/BWP/bay/Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/Azur Depaulstra/Verlooy Ax

91 Conrad de Hus WATHELET Gregory
ST/10/HOLST/bay/Con Air/-/Haras de Hus

* 7 FRA – France (Chef d’Equipe: GUERDAT Philippe)

5 Number One D’Iso Un Prince DELMOTTE Nicolas
ST/14/SF/chest/Baloubet du Rouet SF/Si Tu Viens/S.A.R.L. Haras De

151 Armitages Boy DE PONNAT Aymeric
ST/13/OLDBG/bay/Armitage (de) Old/Feo/Aymeric de Ponnat -Christop

112 Pegase du Murier BOST Roger Yves
ST/12/SF/grey/Adelfos, Sesf/Le Tot de Semilly/Equiblue – Et Eurl

81 Reveur de Hurtebise Hdc STAUT Kevin
GD/14/SBS/chest/Kashmir van Schuttershof/Capricieux Des Six Cense

* 8 IRL – Ireland (Chef d’Equipe: SPLAINE Robert)

105 Golden Hawk BREEN Shane
ST/10/BWP/chest/V. Vigo D’Arsouilles/Chin Chin/P. Sultan & Breen

180 Mhs Going Global BRODERICK Greg Patrick
GD/9/ISH/bay/Quidam Junior I/Cavalier Royale/Caledonia Stables

23 Good Luck O’CONNOR Cian
ST/9/BWP/bay/*Canturo/Furioso ii/Adena Springs

72 Romanov ALLEN Bertram
ST/17/KWPN/chest/Heartbreaker/Fedor/Billy Twomey