Germany first to go in Furusiyya Nations Cup Qualifier in St. Gallen…

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The tenth qualifier of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 2015 season will take place at St Gallen, Switzerland, tomorrow, Friday 5 June, attracting a field of eight teams.

The starting order, which was determined by a draw held in St Gallen this afternoon, will be as follows:

1.     Germany
2.‎     Switzerland
3.‎     Great Britain
4.     Italy
5. ‎    Netherlands
6.     Belgium
7. ‎    France
8.     Ireland

This is the fourth leg of the Europe Division 1 League, and the teams from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland will be eligible for Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup points. A total of 10 nations will compete in Europe Division 1 during the season, and seven teams will qualify for the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 2015 Final which will take place in Barcelona, Spain from 24 to 27 September.

Source: Press release from FEI

International class 6 – Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup presented by Longines Starting List

Table A in two Rounds (Art. 264) Height: 160cm
Prize money: 200’000 €

Number of Teams: 8

Start Nation No Horse Rider Round A Round B Total
Order Code Sex/Age/Breed/Color/Sire/Sire of Dam/Owner Pen Pen Pen

* 1 GER – Germany (Chef d’Equipe: BECKER Otto)

120 Embassy II DREHER Hans-Dieter
ST/14/HANN/dbay/Escudo I/Silvio I/Galmbacher SPZ

11 Brooklyn 17 STEVENS Mario
GD/10/WESTF/chest/Balou du Rouet/Arpeggio/Stevens Sportpferde Gmb

165 Epleaser van T Heike AHLMANN Christian
ST/11/BWP/chest/For Pleasure/Nabab de Reve/Marion Jauß

44 Chiara BEERBAUM Ludger
MA/12/HOLST/grey/Contender/Coronado/Madeleine Winter-Schulze

* 2 SUI – Switzerland (Chef d’Equipe: KISTLER Andi)

159 Nino Des Buissonnets GUERDAT Steve
GD/14/SF/bay/Kannan (nl) Kwpn/Narcos II/Schwarzenbach Urs E.

86 Quorida de Treho DUGUET Romain
MA/11/SF/chest/Kannan, Kwpn/Tolbiac Des Forets/Duguet Christiana

115 Clooney 51 FUCHS Martin
GD/9/WESTF/grey/Cornet Obolensky/Ferragamo/Spcs

175 Amira SCHWIZER Pius
MA/10/ZANG/black/Air Jordan Z/Chellano Z/Quinoa Stables S.A.

3 GBR – Great Britain (Chef d’Equipe: LAMPARD Di)

34 Dougie Douglas GILLOTT Holly
GD/10/ISH/chest/Ard VDL Douglas/High Roller/Holly Gillott & Graha

181 Catwalk IV WHITAKER Robert
GD/12/HOLST/bay/Colman/Corleone/Clare Whitaker & Mandy Hall

111 Spirit T MENDOZA Jessica
MA/14/-/bay/Tornado/Carnaval Drum/Sarah Mendoza

73 Fandango WHITAKER William
GD/12/SWB/dbay/Last Liberty 988/Krocket 651/Elisan Ab

4 ITA – Italy (Chef d’Equipe: HORN Hans)

64 Fixdesign Funke van ‘T Heike MARTINENGO MARQUET Giulia
MA/10/-/bay/Action Breaker/Grandeur/Sgh Srl

160 Erco van T Roosakker DE LUCA Lorenzo
-/11/BWP/bay/Darco/Kannan/Stephex Stables

130 Ares BICOCCHI Emilio
GD/9/-/bay/Ephebe F. Ever/rebel/Sc. Emilio Bicocchi S.r.l.

2 Catwalk Z BUCCI Piergiorgio
GD/11/-/chest/Carthago Z/Quick Star/Stal Bucci B.V.

5 NED – Netherlands (Chef d’Equipe: EHRENS Rob)

14 Don Vhp Z SMOLDERS Harrie
ST/11/ZANG/-/Diamant de Semilly/Voltaire/Llc Copernicus Stables

50 Whitney Bb GREEVE Michael
MA/12/KWPN/bay/Nabab de Reve/Calido/Springstal ‘t Bergse Bos & De

171 Vignet PALS Johnny
ST/13/KWPN/chest/Heartbreaker/Iroko/Stoeterij Black Horses

123 Eldorado V. Zeshoek Tn GREVE Willem
ST/11/BWP/bay/Clinton/Toulon/H.Nijhof / Team Nijhof

* 6 BEL – Belgium (Chef d’Equipe: DEMEERSMAN Dirk)

62 Dream of India Greenfield DEVOS Pieter
GD/12/BWP/bay/Gem Of India/Night And Day/Devos Stables

154 Pommeau du Heup BRUYNSEELS Niels
ST/12/SF/chest/Helios de la Cour II/Thurin/Van Dijck Marc en Jori

125 Domino VERLOOY Jos
GD/12/BWP/bay/Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/Azur Depaulstra/Verlooy Ax

91 Conrad de Hus WATHELET Gregory
ST/10/HOLST/bay/Con Air/-/Haras de Hus

* 7 FRA – France (Chef d’Equipe: GUERDAT Philippe)

5 Number One D’Iso Un Prince DELMOTTE Nicolas
ST/14/SF/chest/Baloubet du Rouet SF/Si Tu Viens/S.A.R.L. Haras De

151 Armitages Boy DE PONNAT Aymeric
ST/13/OLDBG/bay/Armitage (de) Old/Feo/Aymeric de Ponnat -Christop

112 Pegase du Murier BOST Roger Yves
ST/12/SF/grey/Adelfos, Sesf/Le Tot de Semilly/Equiblue – Et Eurl

81 Reveur de Hurtebise Hdc STAUT Kevin
GD/14/SBS/chest/Kashmir van Schuttershof/Capricieux Des Six Cense

* 8 IRL – Ireland (Chef d’Equipe: SPLAINE Robert)

105 Golden Hawk BREEN Shane
ST/10/BWP/chest/V. Vigo D’Arsouilles/Chin Chin/P. Sultan & Breen

180 Mhs Going Global BRODERICK Greg Patrick
GD/9/ISH/bay/Quidam Junior I/Cavalier Royale/Caledonia Stables

23 Good Luck O’CONNOR Cian
ST/9/BWP/bay/*Canturo/Furioso ii/Adena Springs

72 Romanov ALLEN Bertram
ST/17/KWPN/chest/Heartbreaker/Fedor/Billy Twomey