Germany’s Daniel Deusser takes over World No.1 from Scott Brash…


The team of Stephex Stables has awaited with high anticipation the release of the new FEI Ranking with regards to the new position of their leading rider, Daniel Deusser from Germany. Tuesday 7th of April, the FEI has released the new ranking on which Daniel Deusser has seized first place. This week in Miami, Brash admitted that he had a feeling Deusser would overtake his No.1 position and was awaiting the new Longines World Rankings as well.

At his arrival at Stephex Stables, Deusser was placed 73rd in the World and now, just over 2 years later he is, in fact, on top of the world. British rider Scott Brash, who led the FEI Ranking for 16 months in a row, is now second, Germany’s Ludger Beerbaum is third. At Stephex Stables, everybody is on a cloud.

“I am really proud. We had the chance to experience ‘being No.1’ during our partnership with Eric Lamaze. Still, this is totally different, to see it happen with our own top rider, our own horses, it’s great” said Conter. “We’ve build this team all together. This is the result of hard work.”

“I’ve worked really hard for this the last couple of months” admitted Deusser. “A year ago it was not my goal to become nr. 1 on the world ranking. But as I was getting closer and closer, I started to realise, it wasn’t impossible anymore to get there. If you have the title in your reach, you have to go for it. A chance like that, comes once in a lifetime. That I now made it, is amazing.”

Since beginning at Stephex Stables, Deusser made an unstoppable way to the top. Achieving No. 53 in the beginning of 2013, Deusser climbed up to nr. 12 in 2014. After his World Cup Final victory in April last year, Daniel entered the top 10. Daniel, who lives in Mechelen (Belgium) with his Belgian partner Caroline Wauters and newborn daughter Stella, started his international jumping career at the stables of Siegfried Herröder (Germany). After that, he was riding for Franke Sloothaak and later on for Jan Tops in Valkenswaard.

It was in 2012 that Daniel Deusser moved to Stephex Stables in Wolvertem and began a new adventure as top rider for Stephan Conter. Since then, Daniel has been rewarded for his hard work, his focus and determination, resulting in the nr. 1 spot on the World Ranking.

Source: Stephex Stables

Key results of the last ranking year:


FEI World Cup Final 1st place with Cornet d’Amour
World Equestrian Games 4th place Team with Cornet d’Amour
World Equestrian Games 6th Individual place with Cornet d’Amour: German National Champion with First Class van Eeckelghem
Rome Nations Cup 3th place with HH Fyloe
Rotterdam Grand Prix 2nd place with Cornet d’Amour
Rotterdam Nations Cup 3th place team with Cornet d’Amour Barcelona Nations Cup Final 3th place Team with Cornet d’Amour Aachen Grand Prix 4th place with First Class van ‘t Eeckelghem


Doha CSI 5*1m60 Grand Prix Al Shaqab 4th place with Cornet d’amour Bordeaux CSI 5* 1m60 Grand Prix 1st place with Espyrante
Indoor Brabant CSI 5* 1m60 Grand Prix 1st place with Cornet d’Amour