Hana Colman awarded the 2014 Groom of the Year….

International Groom Hana Colman with World No.1 Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos
International Groom Hana Colman with World No.1 Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos
International Groom Hana Colman with World No.1 Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos

Hana Colman has been chosen as the Noelle Floyd.com 2014 Groom of the Year. Hana has been working with World No.1 Scott Brash for one and a half years now. Since that time, Brash has acquired and maintained his position as the World’s leading rider on the Longines World Rankings. Known by her peers has a hard worker and a true lover of the sport, Colman has earned the 2014 Groom of the Year Award. Through out the season her horses have displayed consistent results, reflecting the care they receive by Colman. With no less than three Global Champions Tour Grand Prix wins this season, Colman was a fundamental part of Brash’s winning formula. It is one thing to maintain your position as World No.1 rider but to do so with two international mounts rather than four or five is impressive. A lot of this is, is the crucial management of international grooms such as Hana. We spoke with Hana about what it’s like to work for the World No.1 rider and what her relationships are like with the incredible string of horses at Scott’s stables in Peebles, Scotland.

Q: Share your relationships with Scott’s horses. What are they like? “There an extended part of the family! I spend more time with the horses than anyone else! Every horse has there own personality, it’s a real pleasure to work with them all.”

Q: Hello Sanctos is one of the most loved horses in show jumping at the moment. What is he like to work with? “He’s one of the most intelligent horses I’ve worked with. Sanctos is totally laid back, he’s the easiest horse to work with at home and away. He loves his job, it’s incredible how one horse can bring so much to joy to so many people.”

Q: How long have you been working with Scott Brash? “Just over 1 1/2 years. Scott is very easygoing, level headed and very fair. A pleasure to work with.”

Q: What was your favorite moment of the 2014 season and why? “I have two! Winning London global, for me It was my first win in our own country, it gave me the best feeling watching sanctos and Scott at horseguards. Second would be geneva. Winning top 10 and the Grand Prix, was the most incredible weekend.”

Q: Which is your favorite show of the season? “Paris Gucci masters, I love this show! The atmosphere is amazing.”

Q: Share one of your tricks of the trade. What is your trade mark as an international groom? “Routine. I think this is really important, trying to keep the horses in there normal day to day routine.”

Q: What’s one thing we wouldn’t know about working with World No.1 Scott Brash? “Scott is a true worker. It’s brilliant he will come and help the team on the yard. He hasn’t changed as a person.”