Home win for Italy’s Luca Maria Moneta in Verona…


Italian riders filled five of the top six places in the opening competition at Jumping Verona 2014 today led by Luca Moneta and his 17-year-old flying machine, Jesus de la Commune. The 46-year-old horseman, who lives near Milan and close to the Italian border with Switzerland, is always a formidable force against the clock, and he set the pace in 56.05 seconds when tenth to go in this 1.45m Speed class.

And then he sat back and watched the rest as they tried to catch him, but none came close – not even the eventual runner-up Roberto Arioldi who broke the beam more than two seconds slower in 59.47 seconds with Loro Piana Viper, while third-place Roberto Previtali and Quadrige du Don stopped the clock on 62.01.

Course designer, Uliano Vezzani, did exactly as he promised yesterday, presenting the 46 horse-and-rider combinations with a track that offered them a winning chance if they took advantage of the series of roll-back options around the 12-fence course, or a more gentle first run if they made use of the generous layout of the ring.

Ukraine’s Katharina Offel steered her lovely grey, Charlie, into fourth spot but there was a flutter of excitement when local boy – Andrea Campagnaro who would not look out of place playing the part of Shakespeare’s “Romeo” – pipped Franco Francesco for fifth place. Campagnaro was born in Verona, home to the love story of Romeo and Juliet, but his family moved away when he was just five years old. His heart remains in the city of his birth however, and he is very proud to be back competing against the best riders in the world in his home town.

He has been riding his mare, the 14-year-old Antartica Ter Doorn which is by Baloubet du Rouet, for four years now and had some difficulty with her at the start, “she’s a very strong character” Campagnaro explained today. But together they have now formed a strong partnership, and the 19-year-old rider is aiming at a good result in tomorrow’s Small Grand Prix. “That is my main aim for this show. I’m not going to over-rate my chances but I am here to do my very best and to show people that I have a right to be here!” Campagnaro pointed out.

Luca Moneta was proud of his winning result. He said the 17-year-old Jesus de la Commune was “unrideable” when he first got him as an 11-year-old, but how things have changed. “He had power but I didn’t think he could be fast, but I was wrong!” Moneta pointed out. Together they have recorded a long list of successes and Moneta said “we have great sympatico together, and a lot of fun! What I love about him is that he really wants to try for me and he wants to be better every time we go into the arena!”

Moneta also has his top ride, Neptune Brecourt, at Jumping Verona and he is looking forward to a good result in Sunday’s Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping qualifier. “Neptune has not competed since we were at the Furusiyya Nations Cup Final in Barcelona last month so he is happy and fresh”. He has a great record in the Verona World Cup competition, having finished second in 2012 and third last year.

“Both times I was riding Neptune so maybe this year it is time for us to finish as No. 1!” Moneta said.

Source: Jumping Verona

PREMIO CARNIA WELCOME – Int. jumping competition against the clock (1.45 m)
FEI-Art. 238.2.1 – CSI5*-W

1. 22 Jesus de la Commune Moneta, Luca Maria ITA 4500.00 EUR 0 penalties 56.05 sec
chest 17y.G /Diamant de Semilly SF/Rocky du Rarel/SF/FRA42126/ az. agr. mastroeni
2. 56 Loro Piana Viper Arioldi, Roberto ITA 3600.00 EUR 0 penalties 59.47 sec
grey 12y.G /clinton/goodwill/KWPN/NED42623/ cino giancarlo
3. 47 Quadrige du Don Previtali, Roberto ITA 2700.00 EUR 0 penalties 62.01 sec
bay 10y.G /Airborne Montecillo/SF/103GF39/ Pablo Carpintero
4. 16 Charlie Offel, Katharina UKR 1800.00 EUR 0 penalties 63.52 sec
grey 11y.G /Cornet Obolensky/Potsdam/WESTF/102TY70/ Zinchenko Valerii
5. 9 Antartica Ter Doorn D 08 Campagnaro, Andrea ITA 1260.00 EUR 0 penalties 63.76 sec
chest 14y.M /Baloubet du Rouet/Apache du Forest/BWP/BEL11955/ Christophe David
6. 92 Quintor Franco, Francesco ITA 990.00 EUR 0 penalties 64.76 sec
bay 7y.G /Quintero/Landgraf I/HOLST/103WJ24/ Franco Francesco
7. 113 Uzo van het Hobos Z Fuchs, Martin SUI 720.00 EUR 0 penalties 64.85 sec
bay 8y.S /Up to Date Miltoo/Chellano Z/103TQ79/ C.H.C. Horses Sa
8. 41 Velini Whitaker, Michael GBR 540.00 EUR 0 penalties 65.26 sec
grey 8y.G /Cheers Cassini/Kigali/AES/103MI71/ Mr Simon Davies
9. 81 Fixdesign Amerigo Bologni, Filippo ITA 540.00 EUR 0 penalties 65.89 sec
bay 9y.S /Ephebe For Ever/Calando I/KWPN/103EH21/ Bassetta S.R.L.
10. 76 Charity Ehning, Marcus GER 450.00 EUR 0 penalties 66.67 sec
bay 9y.M /Cayetano L/C-Indoctro/WESTF/104EK16/ Christian Ahlmann Sportpferde GmbH
11. 13 VDL Groep Quatro Vleuten, Maikel van der NED 450.00 EUR 0 penalties 67.13 sec
bay 8y.G /Quaprice/Caletto I/SCSL/103SM54/ Stoeterij Duyselshof
12. 70 Bontender Bles, Bart NED 450.00 EUR 0 penalties 67.26 sec
bay 8y.S /Montender/Jacorde/KWPN/103EJ49/ De Havikerwaard