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Published on September 12, 2012


abrio Van De Heffinck

This week’s featured horses is none other then Olivier Philipperts’ amazing mount, Cabrio Van De Heffinck….

Well if you don’t recognize this beautiful grey stallion, then you may recognize the sounds he makes when he is at the gate. This lively 10 year old stallion gets as jacked up to enter the ring as any top ranking football player would. I’ve watched as Cabrio stands waiting to the enter the ring, crying loudly as if going into battle.

This magnificent grey stallion has an incredible amount of character and is clearly very very clever. I met him for the first time when I came to the Philippaerts stable to talk to Ludo and Olivier about the possible chance they might attend the 2012 Olympic games together. I walked around the stable, admiring the beautiful property and the considerable number of stunning horses but Cabrio stood out from them all. He has this air about him; something unique and almost predatory about his personality which leaves you with the impression he is a true fighter.

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