Horse of the Week…

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Talk about cheeky intelligence. This horse is crazy smart. I think one of his grooms put it best, Viking is probably too smart. I was blown away by how much personality this little chestnut has. He is the funniest most inquisitive horse I have ever met. Now if you don’t know Viking, then you haven’t been around for much of the Global Champions Tour this year because this little personality is the steady steed that has helped the ‘one-and-only’ Michael Whitaker climb to 5th on the GCT Points Rankings.

Also, interestingly enough, despite Gig Amai winning the Aachen Grand Prix with Michael a couple months ago, Viking was the chosen mount for Michael’s non-traveling reserve spot on the British Show Jumping Team. It is clear Michael elected to go with Viking’s consistent and confident performance record. And what a record it is, Viking has contributed to a significant chunk of the € 148,425 that Mr. Whitaker has earned thus far in the 2012 season. Not bad!!

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