Ireland’s Conor Swail wins Longines Trophy of La Coruna…

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Miguel Angel Palmer, director de Longines España, Conor Swail, ganador del trofeo Longines y Sergio Alvarez, español mejor clasificado
Copyright:Manuel Queimadelos

The second day of competition at CSI 4* Casas Novas went on with a great results from all the participants in the three tournaments of the day. Spanish riders Sergio Álvarez Moya and Manuel Añón succeeded in qualifying themselves for the second round in the Longines Trophy, the most important test of the day.

Ireland’s Conor Swail was the winner of the Longines Trophy with his horse Landsdowne, finishing the course in a time of 44.25 seconds. A total of eight combinations jumped clear in the winning round competition. Out of 42 starters, a wide variety of representation was seen in the best eight riders, including Spain’s very own Sergio Alvarez Moya and Carlo 273. Daniel Neilson represented Great Britain in those clear as well as the Netherlands Leon Thijssen. The pair formed by the Chilean rider Samuel Parot and Quik du Pottier took second place with a time of 44.75 seconds. The third position went to Brazil’s Bernando Alves, with his mount Starling 7. Sergio Álvarez Moya finished just off of the podium, acquiring a time of 46.80 seconds, Moya would finally take fourth place.

Int. jumping competition with winning round (1.50 m) FEI Art.  276.2 – CSI4* – 1 horse per athlete

1. 54 Lansdowne Swail, Conor IRL 19965.00 EU 0 penalties 44.25 sec
chest 11y.S /Guidam/Wolfgang/KWPN/NED41818/ Sue & Ariel Grange winning round
2. 22 Quick du Pottier Parot, Samuel CHI 12100.00 EU 0 penalties 44.75 sec
bay 10y.G /Hurlevent de Breka/SF/103GW41/ Samuel Parot winning round
3. 134 Starling 7 Alves, Bernardo BRA 9075.00 EUR 0 penalties 46.23 sec
bay 9y.G /Stakkato/Calvaro/OLDBG/103ME51/ Gestüt Lewitz winning round
4. 50 Carlo 273 Alvarez Moya, Sergio ESP 6050.00 EUR 0 penalties 46.80 sec
grey 13y.G /Contender/Cascavelle/HOLST/GER42975/ Marta Ortega winning round
5. 80 Varo M Neilson, Daniel GBR 3630.00 EUR 0 penalties 46.87 sec
dchst 12y.G /Pierrot/Weinfurst/KWPN/GBR42017/ Miss Stacy Willsone winning round
6. 14 Haertthago Thijssen, Leon NED 2722.50 EUR 0 penalties 47.08 sec
chest 11y.M /Heartbreaker/Carthago Z/ZANG/103BZ97/ Stal Thijssen BV winning round
7. 89 Siec Cosmos Wijngaardhoeve Z Al Emadi, Salman Mohammed A S QAT 1815.00 EUR 0 penalties 47.51 sec
grey 12y.G /Chellano Z/Grandeur/ZANG/102OP82/ Qatar Armed Forces winning round
8. 107 Loro Piana Once de Kreisker Le Jeune, Philippe BEL 1512.50 EUR 0 penalties 47.85 sec
bay 12y.S /Papillon Rouge/SF/102QH33/ Le jeune Philippe winning round
9. 76 Baldo Ds (be) Añon, Manuel ESP 1210.00 EUR 4 penalties 44.78 sec
bay 13y.G /Kannan/Darco/BWP/FRA45693/ Añon Team Horse S.L. winning round
10. 151 Bintang II Renwick, Laura GBR 1210.00 EUR 4 penalties 45.47 sec
bay 8y.G /Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Orlando/KWPN/103LL90/ Mr & Mrs Renwick winning round
11. 81 Dakota Saïd, Abdel EGY 605.00 EUR 4 penalties 45.73 sec
bay 10y.M /Cento Lano/Intermezzo/AES/102ZX78/ Silest B.V. winning round
12. 39 GDE Matrix Larocca, Jose Maria ARG 605.00 EUR 4 penalties 76.25 sec
grey 12y.G /Cardento 933/Maximus 620/SWB/SWE40477/ Larocca Jose Maria round 1