Kent Farrington, Christian Ahlmann, Ludger Beerbaum & Yann Candele withdraw…


Despite qualifying for tomorrow’s Individual competition in Caen, Normandy for the 2014 Alltech World Equestrian Games, World No.2 Ludger Beerbaum, World No.3 Kent Farrington, World No.15 Christian Ahlmann and Canada’s Yann Candele, ranked 123rd in the World, have elected to withdraw from competition in Caen, taking into consideration the demands the next two days will have on their horses.

Kent Farrington, similar to Scott Brash’s position for Thursday’s competition, has made the decision after consideration was made with Voyeur’s owners. Kent feels that there is a lot of jumping still to do in the individual qualifying competition; a lot of ground to make up in the leader board and the likelihood of qualifying for the Individual final, with the standard of jumping this weekend is not likely.

Eric remarked yesterday about Candele’s decision to withdraw, following the Team competition with Canada. “Due to the mare’s age, between Yann, myself, and Mark [Laskin, chef d’equipe for Canada], we made the decision that it was too much to put her through” said Eric Lamaze. “If they were in the top 10, we would consider sending her, but being in 22nd and having so many riders in front, it is not possible for them to advance to ‘The Final Four’. There are several other riders who have also made the decision not to go on Saturday for this reason.

“For Yann, it is the only horse that he has, and we need to preserve her for future team competition. Given her age, there are limitations to how much she can do. Yann was here for the team, he is happy with his result, and he did a great job for us.”