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Published on September 21, 2012


ell Gerco arrived in Vienna Austria earlier this week with two of his top notches; Callahan and London.

The two horses are maintaining their active show schedule, despite clear tension at home. Scheduled to compete this week in Vienna, Gerco, this years Silver medalist, holds his head high despite the obvious frustrations of Eurocommerce Holdings legal dispute with Rabobank.

Set to compete in Rio de Janeiro and Abu Dhabi over the next two months, Gerco clearly intends on keeping his horses actively competing. Gerco has been a dominant force on the GCT circuit this year, winning a total of € 117,040 and placing himself 17th on the GCT rankings.

However, despite Gerco’s wishes to stay actively in contention for each GCT event, unfortunately the talented Dutchman is not the only one who has a say.

Gerco must meet with officials from Rabobank every Monday of every week to discuss the schedule of his horses and the possibility of competing. Rabobank as made their presence very known in the Dutchman’s stables and intend on maintaining a strong presence of control through out the legal proceedings.

It is very evident that Gerco must discuss every movement of these horses with designated officials of Rabobank. Not quite the silver-lining this year’s two-time silver medalist had in mind when he considered post-Olympic success.

The acclaimed Dutchman stands to lose quite a lot depending on the outcome of the Eurocommerce legal case involving famous Dutch property mogul Ger Visser. Gerco has actively shown and competed a total of twenty Eurocommerce affiliated horses on the Global Champions Tour alone.

  1. Eurcommerce Acapulco
  2. Eurcommerce Seattle
  3. Eurocommerce Baltimore
  4. Eurocommerce Berlin
  5. Eurocommerce California
  6. Eurocommerce Callahan
  7. Eurocommerce London
  8. Eurocommerce Miami
  9. Eurocommerce Milano
  10. Eurocommerce Monaco
  11. Eurocommerce New Orleans
  12. Eurocommerce Pennsylvania
  13. Eurocommerce Pittsburg
  14. Eurocommerce Sacramento
  15. Eurocommerce Seattle
  16. Eurocommerce Singapore
  17. Eurocommerce Tokyo
  18. Eurocommerce Vancouver
  19. Eurocommerce Ventimiglia
  20. Eurocommerce Vigaro

It seems that Mr. Schroder will have to fare with these Bank officials a little longer, as sources suggest this legal battle between Eurocommerce Holdings, Ger Visser and his creditors will not be over any time soon.

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