Longines Beijing Masters draws world’s best to famous Bird’s Nest…

ph. Longines
ph. Longines
ph. Longines

It is our great honor to announce that on 9th May 2014, Beijing National Stadium, otherwise known as the famous Bird’s Nest, will receive China’s first CSI 3-Star equestrian show jumping competition, known as Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters, with its 1.3 million CNY Grand Prize reward. The event is scheduled to continue for three days ending on the 11th May 2014.

Eleven of the world’s top international showjumpers will be competing against their 20 best Chinese colleagues from May 9 to 11 as the Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters is entering its fourth round. Scott Brash, Ben Maher and Ludger Beerbaum will all be competing in Peking – as will the European Champion Roger-Yves Bost and his compatriots Pénélope Leprevost and Kevin Staut. Marco Kutscher, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Jane Philips Richard, Laura Kraut and Nick Skelton will also jump at the event.

The equestrian competition will be split into 4 different levels, starting with the Entry Class (60-90CM), followed by the Challenge Class (90-100CM), followed by the Elite Class (110-120CM), and ending with the highest level Longines Grand Prix (130-150CM). Competing in the Longines Grand Prix event are many of the very best riders in the world who have at on time or another been ranked at, or near the top of the Longines World Rankings list. The list of competitions that have been won by the international riders includes the Olympics, The World Cup, The Euro Championship, and many more prestigious events throughout the world. Joining in the same competition as the many world renowned guest riders will be the best equestrian competitors from China, setting up a very exciting mix of talented professionals for all to enjoy.

For Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters, this year’s attendees will not only enjoy the larger amount of prize money, but also the anticipated higher level of courses which are set to produce a tougher test for the professional riders scheduled to compete. This years footing is set to be grass for the main arena making for a very pleasant and professional surface used for only the very best competitions.

The development of the equestrian sport in China is the focus of the concept that the organisers presented in Peking. “It is about giving the Chinese riders the opportunity to learn from the best,” explained Show Director Frank Kemperman in front of around 100 journalists at the “Beijing Pengyuan Horse Club”. During the sporting competitions, but also from the discussions, when walking the course together and naturally from the practical tips given. The competitions will be held in the impressive Olympic Stadium the “Bird’s Nest” in Peking, the highlight is the “Longines Grand Prix” on the final Sunday.

The interest shown by the media has never been so great. For example, the biggest Chinese TV channel CCTV will be broadcasting the “Longines Grand Prix” live on Sunday, Eurosport will also be broadcasting live in Europe.

Source: Beijing Masters

International Riders

  • Ludger Beerbaum
  • Macro Kutscher
  • Meredith M.Beerbaum
  • BOST, Roger Yves
  • Laura Kraut
  • Nick Skelton
  • Jane Richard Philips
  • Kevin Staut
  • Penelope Leprevost
  • Scott Brash
  • Ben Maher