Luciana Diniz and Lennox win the first CSI5* Grand Prix of the New Year…

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Published on January 13, 2013

uciana and Lennox in London

Today’s five-star event in Basel saw a solid and competitive collection of horses and riders battle it out for the first big event of 2013. Fourty-three combinations in total came out for the Grand Prix of H. Moser & Cie but only 9 came back after the two rounds for the jump off. Half of the 15 horses and riders that were clear after the first round were Olympic combinations, not to mention Olympic medalists Gerco Schroder with Eurocommerce London as well as Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos.

Those clear in the first round included Marc Houtzager and Sterrehof’s Tamino, Patrice Delaveau and Carinjo HDC, Denis Lynch and All Star, Ludger Beerbaum and Chaman as well as Manuel Anon and Rackel Chavannaise. But it was these five riders as well as Switzerland’s Clarissa Crotta who would fail to qualify through to the Jump off after faults in the second round.

The nine combinations to make it through for the jump-off were Penelope Leprevost with Nayana, Edwina Tops-Alexander and Cevo Itot du Chateau, Roger-Yves Bost with Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois, Luciana Diniz and Lennox, Scott Brash with Hello Sanctos, Gerco Schroder and Eurocommerce London, Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Casall la Silla, Emanuele Guadiano and Cocoshynsky and Switzerland’s very own Alexander Fricker with Albfuehren’s Paille.

It was a fast and no-nonsense jump off with France’s leading lady Penelope Leprevost starting things off with 4 faults aboard Nayana. Her fellow Frenchman and Nations Cup team mate, Roger-Yves Bost, would follow and set a time very difficult to beat. Bosty and Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois had a very fast time of 31.50 seconds. Everyone sighed once the notorious Frenchman was finished; the chase was on.

Both Edwina and Itot du Chateau along with Gerco and Eurocommerce London, legendary combinations known for their speed and agility, failed to beat Bosty’s time despite their bests efforts. Then the leggy Brazilian beauty Luciana Diniz entered the ring with her Olympic mount Lennox. Sure enough, Luciana would blow Bosty’s time out of the water with a speedy 30.85 seconds.

Luciana was overjoyed, blowing kisses to the crowd and adorning her lovely bay with plenty of praise. She knew her time was a strong one!

Luciana barely tapped the breaks and set a time that Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, Emanuele Guadiano, Scott Brash and Alexandra Fricker would be unable to beat.

Well done to Luciana and Lennox for their fantastic efforts today!!

Grand Prix of H. Moser & Cie (Basel, Switzerland)…

1. 38 Lennox Diniz, Luciana POR
B 12-j.W v.Lifestyle (old)/M.v.Grammus/OLDBG/102OK46/B: Diniz, Ornaldo & Luciana
2. 56 Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois Bost, Roger Yves FRA
B 13-j.S v.Dollar du Murier/M.v.Grand Veneur/SF/FRA41326/B: Mme Georgina Forbes e
3. 121 Cevo Itot du Chateau Tops-Alexander, Edwina AUS
F 17-j.W v.Le Tot de Semilly/M.v.Galoubet A/SF/FRA10184/B: E Alexander & Stal Top
4. 71 Cocoshynsky Gaudiano, Emanuele ITA
B 10-j.S v.Cornet Obolensky/M.v.Popcorn/WESTF/102YQ85/B: Equita Kft
5. 98 London Schröder, Gerco NED
F 11-j.H v.Nabab de Reve/M.v.Chin Chin/BWP/BEL40955/B: Silest B.V.
6. 108 Albfuehren’s Paille Fricker, Alexandra SUI
F 10-j.S v.Kannan/SF/FRA45663/B: Hofgut Albführen GmbH
7. 80 Nayana Leprevost, Penelope FRA
B 12-j.S v.Royal Feu/M.v.Narcos II/SF/FRA47233/B: Madame Geneviève Megret
8. 92 Hello Sanctos Brash, Scott GBR
B 11-j.W v.Quasimodo vd Molendreef/M.v.Nabab de Reve/SBS/BEL42500/B: Lord & Lady
9. 76 Casall la Silla Bengtsson, Rolf-Göran SWE
B 14-j.H v.Caretino/M.v.Lavall I/HOLST/GER27997/B: Verband der Züchter des Holste
10. 51 Rackel Chavannaise Anon, Manuel ESP
B 12-j.S v.Voltaire/M.v.Papillon Rouge/SBS/BEL40628/B: Añon Team Horses S.L.
11. 65 West Side V Meerputhoeve Crotta, Clarissa SUI
F 14-j.W v.Baloubet du Rouet/M.v.Apollonios/BWP/BEL11524/B: Crotta Clarissa + Enz
12. 119 All Star Lynch, Denis IRL
B 10-j.H v.Argentinus/M.v.Alme/HANN/102UL65/B: Straumann, Thomas

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