Ludger Beerbaum wins Mercedes German Masters in Stuttgart for fourth time….


For the fourth time in his career, Germany’s living-legend Ludger Beerbaum won the 2014 Mercedes German Masters in Stuttgart with his steady stallion Chaman.

With only 12 riders qualified for the class, the 2014 edition of the competition saw only five of those riders qualify for the jump-off. Germany’s very own Hans-Dieter Dreher was first to go with Embassy II, and it looked as though his time would be very hard to beat. Reigning Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat of Switzerland with Concetto Son and Ireland’s recent World Cup Grand Prix winner Bertram Allen with Belmonde both collected faults on course as did Germany’s Marco Kutscher riding Cornet’s Cristallo. Alas, it was only Beerbaum who was able to answer the call, laid down by fellow German ridr Hans-Dieter Dreher. Galloping through the finish timers only 0.33 seconds faster than Dreher and Embassy II, Beerbaum and Chaman were able to secure the 2014 Masters title for the fourth time in Beerbaum’s career.

“I’m really, really happy to win this class. It is not every day that you win the Mercedes German Master even though I did it three of four times before” said Ludger in the Press Conference.

“I had the benefit to be in the end of the class so I could see Hansi who did an unbelievable jump-off. If I would have been in the beginning of the class I don’t know if I would have raced like that to the last fence, then probably the sense would have came through. But since I had seen Hansi I knew that this probably was the only chance I had to be faster,” Ludger said after his win.

Source: Stuttgart German Masters


Int. jumping competition with jump-off (1.55 m)

1. Chaman
bay 15y. S/ Baloubet du Rouet/ I Love You/ KWPN/ MEX01925/ Winter-Schulze,Madeleine
ZRFV Riesenbeck
car 0 Strafpunkte 37.63 sec
Im Stechen
2. Embassy II
dbay 13y. S/ Escudo I/ Silvio I/ HANN/ GER45772/ Galmbacher Sport Pferde Zucht
RV Dreiländereck
14925 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 37.96 sec
Im Stechen
3. Concetto Son
dbay 10y. G/ Concetto/ Drosseklklang II/ OLDBG/ 103VP84/ Fuchs Thomas
11194 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 37.72 sec
Im Stechen
4. Cornet’s Cristallo
dbay 11y. G/ Cornet Obolensky (ex: Windows/ Pilot/ WESTF/ 102MH58/ Sudheimer Hof/Thomas Sagel
ZRFV Riesenbeck
7463 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 38.87 sec
Im Stechen
5. Belmonde
bay 8y. G/ Ovidius/ Kenwood/ / 103WJ45/ Ballywalter Farms
4478 EUR 8 Strafpunkte 39.05 sec
Im Stechen
6. Nice Stephanie
bay 10y. M/ Cardento/ Ralme Z/ SWB/ 102WN98/ Madame Geneviève MEGRET
3358 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 70.20 sec
Im Umlauf
7. Carinjo HDC
bay 13y. S/ Cascavelle/ Landgraf I/ HOLST/ 102ON79/ Haras Des Coudrettes
2239 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 71.76 sec
Im Umlauf
8. Ad Uutje
bay 13y. G/ Monaco/ Calypso/ KWPN/ 103BH60/ Miranda & Victory Equestrian
de Miranda,Doda
1865 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 73.01 sec
Im Umlauf
9. Valentin R
grey 12y. S/ Heartbreaker/ Indorado/ KWPN/ 103WP47/ Miss Emilie Machon & Michael Potter
Great Britain
1493 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 73.13 sec
Im Umlauf
10. Farao van T Vennehof
bay 9y. M/ Triomphe de Muze/ Sun Light van de Zuuthoeve/ BWP/ 103LP52/ Breen Equestrian LTD & James Breen
1493 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 74.73 sec
Im Umlauf
11. Ayade de Septon Et HDC
chest 8y. M/ Wandor van de Mispelaere/ Belle d’Avril du Mazy/ SBS/ 103JC26/ Haras Des Coudrettes
746 EUR 8 Strafpunkte 73.27 sec
Im Umlauf
12. Lennox
bay 13y. S/ Lifestyle (old)/ Grammus/ OLDBG/ 102OK46/ Diniz,Arnaldo e Luciana
746 EUR 13 Strafpunkte 77.23 sec
Im Umlauf