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Published on August 14, 2012


ournal entry #3

Location: 2012 London Olympic Games, Greenwich Park

August 14th, 2012

To disqualify or not to disqualify, that is the question…

So there we were, in London, at the Olympics. As you know by now I love sports so I was on a 3 week high with the biggest sport event in the whole wide world.

I repeat… the biggest event overall in the whole wide world.

Athletics, soccer, basketball, rowing, archery, beach volleyball (and in particular women’s beach volley, what a great sport!!) every sport was represented at the 2012 Olympics. And so was the Showjumping!!!

Held in probably the most beautiful venue in London; Greenwich Park, the Showjumping drew a huge crowd. By my feeling, many of the spectators weren’t horse people and that offered us a fantastic chance to promote our sport. And we did.

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