Marco Kutscher wins the CSI3* Land Rover Grand Prix at the inaugural Stephex Masters…


Marco Kutscher just won the Land Rover Asse Grand Prix at Stephex Masters. With Cornet’s Cristallo (Cornet Obolensky), the ex rider of Ludger Beerbaum beat the American top favorites Kent Farrington (Willow) and Lauren Hough (Ohlala). Their time difference was only 0.02 second. World number five Kent Farrington, who’s performing better than ever before this year, already placed second at 1.40m today with Zojasper today. Lauren Hough beat out Jerome Guery in the 1.45m class on Royalty des Isles (Zandor Z), a horse that won the Dutch junior championship earlier this year with Lisa Nooren.

Kutscher received the keys of the Range Rover Evoque from the spokesman of Land Rover Asse. His first reaction : ‘With Cornet’s Cristallo I really had the right horse under the saddle to win here. I ride him since two years already. He’s one of my most seasoned horses in the barn. He’s well in every type of competition. He’s fast in a speed class, but also won several Grand Prix’s.’ Also his starting number helped Kutscher to win the class: ‘It’s hard to win a speed class with so many riders when you have to go in early. I had a late number and had the chance to see Kent and Lauren go before me. I knew exactly how to ride my course to beat them.’

Lorenzo de Luca (Elky vh Indihof), the last rider of tonight, grabbed fourth spot. Also the Columbians were in the top five again with Carlos Lopez at five and Dayro Arroyave at six.

The Sea Coast opening class of the CSI3*, a speed class 1.40m, went to Daniel Bluman. Just as Youngster Tour winner Roberto Teran, Bluman will ride for team Colombia at the WEG in Caen. Bluman had to start second in the order and thought by himself: ‘I go as fast as I can and then see what the other riders will do. I couldn’t change anything anymore, but had to wait 55 pairs, almost two hours, before I was sure about this victory.’ Bluman really had done everything to win this first class.

He used his speed horse Cantando Lyngriis (Cassini I), which is a real expert in speed competitions and derby courses. In the end some sensation was brought by Kent Farrington. Hij did everything to beat Bluman, but didn’t succeed. Farrington, the best American rider of the moment, placed second on the amazing horse Zojasper (Concorde), a ten-year-old owned by Ilan Ferder, Tal Milstein and Lovsta Stuteri. John Whitaker placed third on Lord of Arabia (Cassini II). Best Belgian rider was Wilm Vermeir (Confidant), who’s born at only 1,5 kilometer from this place.

Source: Stephex Masters