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Published on December 8, 2012


orry I fell behind a bit in my blogging, got a bit busy yesterday! After a nice breakfast with parents and a trip to the gym I flatted both horses.

Reed in ParisGoose was super in his Speed I finished 5th- it was very close between all of us just a few tenths. Cylana jumped the combination class so easy and it was quite scopey and difficult but had the first jump down! Maybe it was a blessing in disguise as she now gets a day off to rest before her Grand Prix tomorrow.

Then we got all dressed up for the top 10 final. We all took part in the stable betting- I had 10 euros on Christian and Kevin with my Dad. Katie bet on Edwina and Penelope and Henri bet Kevin and Penelope. My dad and I crushed our competition as Christian won and Kevin finished third! It was a fun class- Christian was amazing!! His turns on Taloubet are always unbeatable and when I saw the jump-off course I had a feeling I had bet right!

It was a very fun night. It is not so often you get to dress up and enjoy a class without doing it yourself so it was nice to watch with my parents, Katie and Henri, and Kent Farrington.

This morning I went first in the accumulator on Goose. He was amazing I don’t think anyone was within 2 seconds of my time the whole class. However going first I really took a shot and did a difficult inside cut from the last vertical inside to the joker next to the lake and had both down most people ended up going around but I had to try as the first!! He is not done showing though, he has the 6 bar tonight! I’m excited because the only other time I did one was in Wellington where we jumped 1.94!

I flatted Cylana who was happy to have a day off, did a big interview for a French magazine/ news show, and then headed to the IJRC meeting. It was a very long meeting with a lot to discuss, especially regarding the new Nations Cup format. It is very complicated but I think most of us understood better after that part of the meeting. Now I’m going to hit the gym again and have a little nap before tonight’s class.

Wish me luck! xx

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