News Update: No Olympic Games for Khaled El Aid and Presley Boy

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Published on July 9, 2012


resley boy will not be attending the Olympic Games next month. The 15 year old stallion, who has been under veterinary supervision since Friday with a severe case of Colic, will not be fit enough to compete Team Saudi has elected to replace Khaled El Aid with Kamal Bahamdan.

Kamal already had a spot on the team but will now have two spots on the team, both as a main rider and as a reserve rider. This confirms that Delphi, NZSH originally owned and ridden by Katie McVean (NZ) will be attending the Olympic Games. It is unsure yet which additional horse Kamal will take but it is likely to be the grey gelding, Cezanne 30.


The new team is as follows;

1. Ramzy al Duhami
2. Abdullah Sharbatly
3. HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Miteb
4. Kamal Bahamdan

More information to follow….

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