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Published on December 5, 2012


i everybody!

60837_3495051993508_1965484592_nI’m very excited to be this week’s blogger for this week’s world cup show in Geneva. This is one of the toughest shows to be invited to so I am so excited that I am here! While my mother, father, and Katie went to Italy to try an amateur horse, Henri and I drove from Chantilly. It was a long drive, made longer by the snow! I’ve actually been here before to watch the world cup final so it was nice to be familiar with the Palexpo.

The horses arrived around 7 and both looked happy. The show management is so fantastic- they unloaded all the equipment and cleaned out the lorry for us! I had a nice dinner with Daley, who grooms for Ben Maher. I swear no one makes me laugh harder than him!

This morning I went to ride the horses who were absolutely wild, particularly Cylana. It’s freezing cold here and it was very busy with all the machinery still building the concourse. Bertha was nearly uncontrollable at the beginning, luckily the schooling area was empty! After a nice flat where she finally settled down, I did an interview for the show program. In American style, I was the first one to the jog just as Katie likes. Both horses jogged nicely.

The hotel has a really nice gym which I enjoyed and then it was off to downtown Geneva with my parents for a late lunch. I forgot how incredibly beautiful this city is. We ate at a nice little Italian cafe, enjoyed some Swiss chocolate, and window shopped (my dad banned me and my mother from shopping for a while!)

I’m just back now to change then go back to the show. I’m going to ride Goose in the ring at 7 and practice going through the lake in preparation for the derby class! We start showing tomorrow so wish me lots of luck! xx

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