Reigning Olympic Champion Steve Guerdat wins the Grand Prix of Munster…


Steve Guerdat and Nino des Buissonnets won today’s CSI4* DKB-Riders Tour Grand Prix in Munster, Germany against a field of fifty international competitors. Thirteen of those international riders qualified for the jump-off, and more than half of them were German riders.

Germany’s Toni Hassmann was first to go against the clock on Classic Man V. Steve Guerdat and Nino des Buissonnets were the first couple to jump clear in the jump-off, and the Olympic Champions earned a time of 44.76 seconds. Guerdat and his Gold medal winning mount Nino des Buissonnets took the lead and would maintain at the head of the pack until the end.

Another top rider from the 2012 Olympic Games, Marc Houtzager (NED), delivered a terrific clear round and his 8 year old Baccarat. Germany’s Holger Wulschner and BSC Cavity finished in second place with a time of 45.10 seconds after leaving nothing behind in the jump off.

The United States lady on fire, Lucy Davis, produced a beautiful clear with her superstar Barron to finish in third place, just ahead of her long-time trainer Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum riding Atlanta.

“It was fantastic to win here,” said a happy Steve after the Grand Prix. Steve and Nino des Buissonnets will now do a smaller show in Belgium in two weeks, and Steve. “Our sport is more and more about money, and the emotions and the connection to the world is getting lost. But here in Münster it is all different and it is one of the few shows that is organized with the heart, and you can feel that. The sport is in focus and not just the big numbers. I support these kind of shows with 200 %, and I really want to thank and congratulate the organizers of these kind of shows.”

CSI4*DKB Rider Tour Grand Prix of Munster (GER)

1. 437 Nino des Buissonnets Guerdat, Steve SUI 25000 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 44.76 sec
B 13-j.W v.Kannan/M.v.Narcos II/SF/FRA45550/B: Schwarzenbach Urs E. Schweiz – Switzerland Umlauf 2
2. 48 BSC Cavity Wulschner, Holger GER 20000 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 45.10 sec
DB 11-j.W v.Caretino/M.v.Lansing/HOLST/103AQ92/B: Wulschner,Holger SV Brauerei Lübz von 1980 e.V. Umlauf 2
3. 431 Barron Davis, Lucy USA 15000 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 45.39 sec
F 10-j.W v.For Pleasure/M.v.Nabab de Reve/SBS/102WM58/B: OLD Oak Farm Amerika – United States Umlauf 2
4. 19 Atlanta Michaels-Beerbaum, Meredith GER 10000 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 45.68 sec
F 9-j.S v.For Pleasure/M.v.Achill-Libero H/KWPN/103OA83/B: Artemis Equestrian Far RV Aller-Weser Umlauf 2
5. 69 Casallora Nieberg, Lars GER 7000 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 47.52 sec
B 11-j.S v.Casall/M.v.Lennon/HOLST/102XC66/B: GEKE Equitec GmbH, RV St. Hubertus Wolbeck e. V. Umlauf 2
6. 500 Baccarat Houtzager, Marc NED 5500 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 49.74 sec
B 8-j.W v.Padinus/M.v.Silvio I/KWPN/103TJ86/B: Stal Houtzager Kayser Niederlande – Netherlands Umlauf 2
7. 407 Abc Trixi Herröder, Angelina GER 4000 EUR 0 Strafpunkte 50.92 sec
B 11-j.S v.Quidam de Revel/M.v.Carolus I/HOLST/102VH15/B: Sipple, Heike RG Büttelborn e.V. Umlauf 2
8. 101 Classic Man V Haßmann, Toni GER 3000 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 44.82 sec
B 9-j.W v.Cornet Obolensky (ex: Windows/M.v.Gralshüter/WESTF/104II27/B: Vogt,Herm RV Lienen e.V. Umlauf 2
9. 496 Flotte Deern Sulz, Denise GER 3000 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 46.32 sec
F 12-j.S v.Forsyth/M.v.Acord II/HANN/102NH22/B: Sulz, Silke ZRFV Borken e.V. Umlauf 2
10. 472 Argento Whitaker, John GBR 2500 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 46.60 sec
B 12-j.H v.Arko III/M.v.Gasper/AESRPF/GBR41988/B: Mr & Mrs Whitaker England – Great Britain Umlauf 2
11. 140 Czerny N Schepers, Gerrit GER 2500 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 48.09 sec
SCHI 11-j.W v.Cassini I/M.v.Alcatraz/HOLST/103ED76/B: Welsing,Monika Reitclub Emscherquelle e.V. Umlauf 2
12. 73 Cassydy Renzel, Markus GER 2500 EUR 4 Strafpunkte 48.72 sec
SCHI 11-j.W v.Corrado I/M.v.Alcatraz/HOLST/102UE92/B: Schwere,Verena RFV Alt Marl e.V. Umlauf 2